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Mr. Electric brightens up the day for a distressed Cornish customer

Banbury, UK (14 August 2018) – Mr. Electric, the UK’s leading electrical franchise brand and part of the Dwyer Group, came to the rescue of a local homeowner in Perranporth, Cornwall, by getting his solar electricity up and running again after the previous solar PV installer had gone bust leaving the customer without warranty and insurance to get it fixed.Having stopped generating for over four weeks, the homeowner lost out on £200 of energy and needed a new inverter [...]

Driving Miss Daisy

Benefits and Costs of a Driving Miss Daisy Franchise

Driving Miss Daisy franchise background Although many of the best-known franchises operating today are involved in food, retail, finance or another commercial industry, there are also a number of franchises in the UK that are primarily concerned with social issues. Offering help around the home, personal care and even medical services, these socially minded franchises help thousands of people around the country every day.In 2015–16, the UK public sector alone spent £220.2 billion on health, social care and benefits to support [...]

Dear Carillion Employees

I once attended a seminar where Lee Iacocca ( was speaking. He is considered an extremely successful businessman but had been made redundant several times in his life. And he suggested that, when you meet someone who has lost their job, shake them by the hand and suggest that this is the beginning of something special for them. They can choose what to do. He believed that if he hadn’t been made redundant he would not have had the [...]

Media and Photography Franchise Opportunity Review

For many people, a job in media or photography is an aspiration. Whether it’s web design, portraiture, sports photography, printing, video making or digital marketing, a job working in the creative industries is what many people aim for.One of the best ways for entrepreneurs to get into the world of media and photography is to open a franchise in the sector. Not only does this give them the chance to work in the area, it also provides the opportunity [...]

Services Franchise Opportunites – Services Franchise Review

Services Franchise Opportunities in the UK There are two main types of franchise: those that provide products and those that provide services. Product franchises include areas like retail and restaurants, where customers come in and pay money in exchange for goods. In the service franchises sector, customers exchange money for a particular activity or advice that’s provided by the franchisee.There is a big variety of service franchises available, covering a range of sectors. They cater for the basic needs and [...]

The Zip Yard Are Searching for Franchisees at The Franchise Show

Born in Belfast, The Zip Yard is a home-grown Northern Irish tailoring business specialising in quality clothing alterations from resizing to recycling and upcycling to zip repairs. Founded in 2005 by two aspiring entrepreneurs, the brand’s name is a nod to the heritage of the local area and the nearby shipyard.After enjoying early success, the brand soon turned to the franchising model to grow their business and since 2007 they’ve traded as a franchise company, first entering the Republic [...]

A golden opportunity to run your own Credit Management Solutions Franchise

The CPA HistoryCPA Online is the internet division of The Credit Protection Association plc. The Credit Protection Association has a long heritage in providing trusted, effective and ethical credit management solutions to UK businesses since 1914.The CPA Credit Management ServiceCPA, is a market-leading credit management service used by businesses to prevent losses and improve cash flow.  CPA offers a wide range of products tailored to the needs of modern businesses.  The products that CPA supply have been developed over many years to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions to ease the [...]

Pet related franchise

Pet franchises – A pet care franchise review

If you are seeking a franchise opportunity and love pets, a pet franchise is hard to beat. UK pet owners enjoy pampering their pets and are prepared to spend to keep them happy and healthy. From dog grooming to pet sitting, there is a great choice of Pet franchises available in the UK.There are many advantages in running your own Pet franchise, some are low cost, home based and can be operated on part-time basis. A pet care franchise could [...]

cleaning and restoration franchise

Be a knight in shining armour with a cleaning & restoration franchise

A cleaning and restoration franchise is a management style franchise. This franchise type can be rewarding and lucrative. Disaster recovery specialist services are in demand throughout the year and are unaffected by economic downturns.Many businesses, homeowners and insurance companies hire the specialist, professional services of disaster recovery businesses to get life back to normal for their clients. The services offered can include pest control, restoration of damage caused by fire and flood, paint spillages, specialist cleaning and graffiti removal [...]

Live Life Through A Lens With A Photography Franchise

Many creative people enjoy photography in their leisure time purely as a hobby, why not take that hobby to the next level and start your own photography business with a photography franchise.With a photography franchise your pastime could become an exciting, vibrant, career change. Professional photography has never been more popular. Recording key milestones in peoples lives can be a very rewarding experience. Family portraits are an investment that brings much joy over the years, other special events such [...]

robertson technologies launches BFA accredited franchise

robertson technologies has brought personality and panache to the world of computer support and is offering others the chance to benefit from its approach through a newly launched management franchise scheme accredited by the British Franchise Association (BFA).Established in 2005, robertson technologies specialises in providing computer support and consultancy to SMEs and has quickly established itself as a reliable, personable and essential support service for it wide range of clients.The business is headquartered in Edinburgh and also has a [...]

Cork Popping Water Franchise Fizzing

Bromborough to host UK water specialist franchise.The UK’s only specialist wholesale water distribution company has chosen Bromborough on the Wirral for the location of its new head office and distribution centre.As part of a rapid expansion plan, Aqueous has invested in a new 8,000sq ft facility which will provide easier access to motorway routes and added benefits to its franchising operation. Established in 2004 by three experienced retail and catering professionals, Aqueous Wholesale franchises territories for the wholesale and [...]