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Retail Franchise Opportunities Review

Retail is a notoriously up and down sector of the business world. When times are good products fly off the shelves, profits are huge and it’s a relatively easy way to make money. However, in times of more economic uncertainty, shoppers lose confidence and choose to hold onto their hard-earned cash instead of spending it. Then it becomes harder to balance the books.However, sensible retail strategy and following a proven business plan can make it easy to pass through [...]

Low Cost Franchise Opportunity Review

Being the boss doesn’t have to be beyond anyone’s reach. There are many different kinds of low-cost franchise that let people start their own business and take control of their own career.While some franchises, such as major name fast food restaurants, could set you back hundreds of thousands of pounds, it’s also possible to get franchises for just a few thousand pounds. These might not bring in the same kind of turnover, but they are proven business models and, [...]

Van Based Franchise Opportunity Review

Van based franchises are a very popular choice for entrepreneurs looking for lucrative business opportunities. Van based franchises are available in a variety of sectors, from delivery and collection to cleaning, plumbing and home maintenance. As van based franchises often don’t require investors to acquire commercial or office premises, they can be more affordable than other types of franchises. This makes van based franchises a very popular choice for ambitious entrepreneurs from a wide range of backgrounds.  Types of van [...]

Summer Update & 3 New Franchisees for Trophy Pet Foods

Trophy Pet Foods has never been a company that sits still! Many new developments, projects and an enhanced franchise package are being rolled out this year, such as the integration of a fresh revamped website and social media feeds, a bespoke CRM system for Trophy franchisees and 2 brand-new social media adverts. In addition Trophy has 3 new franchisees starting in July.Kevin from Hertfordshire, George from South Lancashire and Marc from East Sussex. With the addition of these new [...]

Media and Photography Franchise Opportunity Review

For many people, a job in media or photography is an aspiration. Whether it’s web design, portraiture, sports photography, printing, video making or digital marketing, a job working in the creative industries is what many people aim for.One of the best ways for entrepreneurs to get into the world of media and photography is to open a franchise in the sector. Not only does this give them the chance to work in the area, it also provides the opportunity [...]

Education Franchise Opportunity Review

There’s always going to be a need for educators, and as there is no certified best way for people to learn, new ideas for passing on knowledge come along all the time.Similarly, education is a lifelong process. The idea that we should all get a certain amount of schooling when we’re young and that’s it, is redundant. People now want to learn at every stage of life.All of which means there are many different types of education franchise available. [...]

Sports Franchise Opportunities Review

Lots of people are very passionate about sport and consider it a dream to be able to combine their sporting lives with their professional ones. With a sports franchise, this is very much a possibility.Sporting business has grown in an unprecedented way as people have found more ways to monetise this popular leisure activity. Whether the sports franchise offers products or services, there are plenty of opportunities to indulge your passion and make a living out if it.The sports [...]

Home Instead’s first franchisee in Northern Ireland off to a flying start

Lynn Elliott is changing the face of ageing in Northern Ireland as Home Instead Senior Care’s first franchise to open its doors in the province.Proving there’s a clear demand in Northern Ireland for the brand’s relationship-led care and companionship model with visits that last a minimum of one hour, new franchisee Lynn has seen rapid growth in her first two years of business.Lynn explains: “70% of the care delivered in Northern Ireland is done via 15-30 minute care visits, [...]

ServiceMaster Clean Barnsley and Rotherham Grows By 50% in 30th Year!

A Barnsley-based specialist cleaning company has closed out its 30th year in business with 50% growth on the previous year at over £750,000 turnover, thanks to its investments in its team and a new territory.ServiceMaster Clean Rotherham and Barnsley was launched in the spring of 1986 by fresh-faced, local teenager, Alan Sutton and his parents, Bob and Ethel Pickup. Originally run from the family home in High Green, Sheffield, 30 years on, the company employs 19 staff, including 14 [...]

Coffee Franchises, the perfect brew for business success?

Coffee Shop Franchises There are a few things in life that are certain. These include death, taxes and the fact people will always want coffee. Which is why a coffee shop franchise is such a popular choice here in the UK.Most people know what makes a good coffee shop, so it doesn’t take a huge amount of specialist knowledge to get started in terms of experience or equipment. What really matters is good service, a quality product and a pleasant [...]

Services Franchise Opportunites – Services Franchise Review

There are two main types of franchise: those that provide products and those that provide services. Product franchises include areas like retail and restaurants, where customers come in and pay money in exchange for goods. In the service franchise sector, customers exchange money for a particular activity or advice that’s provided by the franchisee.There is a big variety of service franchises available, covering a range of sectors. They cater for the basic needs and services that individuals or businesses [...]