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estate-agent-franchises1Real estate is one of the most important sectors of the overall economy. As a sector it involves many components with each representing an opportunity for the right entrepreneur on investor to make a small fortune. There is a whole host of different businesses, property franchises & estate agent franchises to explore and consider as a part of your business building team.

When most entrepreneurs think of the real estate industry in the UK they think of the major brokerage estate agent franchises uk. These global giants of the real estate industry do still represent a great opportunity to earn a return on investment. Though In a changing and growing sector they are hardly the only way to make money.

Over the past 10 years the real estate industry in the United Kingdom has been on an upward trend, though in recent years it has started to flatten out. This is because many younger people are finding it difficult to purchase homes with their current prices, and are instead opting to rent. This is why rental prices are up substantially in the past few years. In flat sales market different opportunities, such as a letting agency franchise will provide a better opportunity to earn a return on an investment.

Types of Estate Agent Franchises

There are four different types of estate agencies each focused on a different goal within the real estate industry. The type of estate agency franchise that an entrepreneur should consider depends on the individual, though overall their general characteristics are quite similar.

  • Residential Sales – The residential sales estate agency franchises focus on helping clients to buy and sell residential properties for their own personal use. Estate agency franchises are compensated on a commission basis for the sale, and are therefore inclined to get the best price for their client. Generally speaking these franchises have to be run by a licensed real estate sales person, thus an entrepreneurs involvement in such a business will be hands on.
  • Letting – A letting agency focuses exclusively on helping people find a property to rent. Or on the other side of the coin working with landlords to find new renters for their properties. The agents in this case also earn their fees based on commission, and are responsible for screening likely tenants for suitability before they move into the property franchises.
  • Commercial Agency – Commercial agencies work on real estate transactions involving large multi tenant residential properties, industrial properties, and commercial buildings. They help entrepreneurs find storefronts to open a new business in, or help them buy a new commercial building site. Similar to the other forms of agencies, they earn commission on their transactions. Their deals generally take a longer period of time to materialise, so a startup agency should expect to have sufficient extra cash on hand to operate while its first deals are being negotiated.
  • Major Estate Agent Franchises – The major estate agency franchises are like all globally recognised well-known brands. This means they are also able to charge more for their property franchises, however this extra recognition does help to bring in extra customers. A major estate agent franchise is a great way to help get the your agency business established than a smaller regional player, because of the extra traffic and training available to help the startup.

Property Franchises UK

property-franchises1Beyond agencies there are many property franchises businesses. These property franchises are designed to help entrepreneurs start businesses in a variety of different property related sectors. Often these businesses target estate agencies as clients, and partners.

  • Property Management Franchises- A property management franchise and lettings business is designed to help landlords by doing all of the work related to managing tenants. This includes finding the tenants for the landlord, renting the property out, responding to tenant inquires and collecting rent from the occupant of the property. Often property managers will buy some properties of their own to add to their portfolio.
  • Home staging – The home staging franchise business is a great way to get involved in the real estate sector. In order to be a great home staging franchises you have to have a passion for design, and a place to store a lot of furniture. Estate agents often hire home stagers to come in and set up furniture in an empty home to give it the lived in look. Statistics show that homes where a buyer can imagine himself or herself living command a higher price on the real estate market.

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