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Franchises for Stay-At-Home Parents

As awareness and inclusion grows, more and more parents are taking time off from their corporate jobs and staying home to raise their kids. This trend has been rising in UK for the past decade. Initially, it was always the women who had to forgo their professions and stay home but as time went by, people began to realize that it is not just a woman’s duty to raise the family. This is why nowadays we see households being run by men and the finances being taken care of by the women. But the latest trend is that the couples don’t have to choose between raising a family and earning a living. In UK, the stay-at-home parents’ businesses are doing so well that they are actually contributing to the country’s GDP. These home based franchises have turned into a lucrative investment opportunity.

The term ‘Mumpreneurs’ was coined recently referring to the stay-at-home mothers who start their own small business and become entrepreneurs. If we look at the psychology behind becoming a mumpreneur, we will find something we all can relate to; achievement, not that raising a family is not a big enough achievement on its own, but men and women who are staying at home from their day jobs, feel that they are letting their other talents go to waste. With the support from the community, these parents are now running successful households as well as successful businesses. Since starting a business from scratch is hard, they always have the opportunity to buy a business franchise. Franchises of certain businesses can be run effectively from the comfort of one’s own home. These home based franchises have changed the lives of these stay at home parents.

Each and every industry has businesses that would be interested in selling their franchises to stay-at-home parents. Whether it is real estate, food, travel, arts, schooling, you name it, each industry has a home mums franchise opportunity. Take the example of The Travel Franchise. This company is a travel agency that is over 15 years old and has sold over 600 franchises. It has a brilliant franchising model with three franchise packages. This is perfect for the people who are passionate about travel. This business can operate from wherever and whenever the franchisee wants, so it is best for parents who are on a tight schedule. The profits are uncapped and there is no boss breathing down your neck to meet deadlines.

Another great example is Razzamataz Theatre Art Schools. This franchise can help you realise your dream of being involved in performing arts. This famous award-winning company offers its franchises for £7500, with continuous training and support. The best part is that this dance and performing art school can be set up in your own home, catering to the kids of your own community and neighborhood. Another opportunity for parents includes the van-based franchises. The van franchises are mobile services being offered in vans, like catering and coffee etc. The Coffee Blue is a van-based coffee service, which is very convenient for parents as you can open it for business at your own timings and pick and choose the days you want to work. For an initial investment of £16,950, you get a fully functional van which can help earn the owner £350 to £600 daily, with no prior experience and no strict working hours. This business is perfect for parents as they can easily wrap it around children’s school timings and football practice.