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Catering Franchises

Why invest in Catering franchise opportunities?


The catering industry in the UK is worth a huge £4.7bn to the UK economy and is still growing, so catering franchises offer a great opportunity to start your own business.

There are some very successful catering franchises for sale in the UK, but catering franchise now cover so many different areas, including;

Other trends including dessert franchises, a restaurant that provides a main meal of just desserts, a nice concept, and these are growing extremely fast in the UK.

Another growing trend is mobile catering, including street catering franchises that offer a flexible catering franchise selling cuisine from all over the world.

Statistics around the catering industry in the UK

If you are thinking of buying a catering franchise in the UK but are worried of gaining from your investment. I will share some statistics to show that if a catering franchise is run right, it can be a wonderful journey.

Did you know?

  • There are just over 88,000 restaurants in the UK.
  • The total revenue of the UK restaurant industry was worth £39.9 billion in 2018.
  • The catering services spend in 2017 in the UK was worth £4.7 billion.

These statistics show the true potential of running a catering franchise in 2020. Since these stats were gathered in 2018, so this shows what can be achieved two years later because the investment of catering services is going up daily in the UK.

Statistics around the catering industry


We will now list below some statistics which have been recently collected from credible sources around the catering industry in the UK. This is more statistics tailored to the catering industry.

  • According to Ibisworld, the total market size of the catering industry in the UK is worth a staggering £1 billion British pounds.
  • Many people have also already jumped on the exciting catering industry in the UK since also according to Ibisworld. There are already over 7,400 catering businesses currently operating.
  • Another thing the catering industry is really good for is also providing job opportunities since, according to Ibisworld, the catering industry in the UK alone has provided over 26,000 jobs.


What catering franchises do we offer?


We believe diversity is very important when anyone is looking to invest in a franchise for sale. This is why at Franchise UK, we provide a vast range of different catering franchise opportunities for sale on our directory, from wedding catering franchises to basic street catering services across the UK. If you are unsure whether a catering franchise would be right for you, I recommend you have a browse through our full franchise directory, offering over 1,000 franchise opportunities in over 30+ industries.

What do these statistics show for the catering industry?


Overall these statistics show a very promising sign for the catering industry for years to come in the UK. If you think that a catering franchise would be right for you, why not check out our catering franchise directory above? If you are unsure whether a franchise in the catering industry would be right for you then why not browse our full franchise directory which offers a wide range of different franchise opportunities in multiple industries.

We have a huge selection of catering franchises for sale, so browse & find your ideal franchise opportunity.