About us

Welcome to Franchise UK, a source for information and news on a wide variety of franchise business opportunities in the United Kingdom. Our directory details many franchise opportunities available all across the UK, for both existing franchisees and prospective ones we have a host of opportunities to get you into a growing business.

Buying a Franchise in the UK is a great way to build your business, invest your money, build a stable cash flow, and learn the keys to business success. When you buy one of the franchises on our database you are not just starting a business, you are buying a team and system. This team and system will help you with key aspects of starting your new franchise business; marketing, choosing a location, decoration, training, and much more to ensure your business gets off to a flying start.

First Time Franchise Buyers

For a first time franchise business buyer there is an entire world of business opportunities waiting for you. There are over 30 categories of franchises filled with potential new business opportunities. This will help you to find the right business for you. Many successful franchisees choose a business in a sector they feel passionate about that may be completely different to past careers, one of the many benefits of owning a franchise is the training and ongoing support to enhance your existing skills, create confidence and perhaps even to learn a new trade.

In terms of the budget you need to get into a franchise business it varies. Typical investments differ based on the structure and size of the franchise business. In most cases home based franchises without physical locations will have lower start-up costs. Businesses with a physical location will have higher costs to pay for building and renovation. The opportunities profiled on Franchise UK vary with regard to the level of investment required have a browse to find the ideal one for you, many are very competitively priced and when you take into account the training, support and other extras the initial investment may be less than you thought.

First Time Business Owners/Managers

A franchise is a great place to start if you have never owned a business before. Franchises are a business system that you buy, complete with full support, training, and other resources. If you have never owned a business, going it alone can be quite nerve wracking and at the end of the day, statistics for success are not on your side. Many start-up business fail during their first year, prospects of success are much higher with a franchise.

Buying a franchise as a first business is a very different experience. A common maxim in the franchise industry is you are going into business for yourself, but not by yourself. This means your chances of success are greatly improved, and you will have the support and the franchisors experience needed to ensure you do everything right the first time.

Existing Franchise Buyers

If you already own a franchise business, then you know the returns and potential available as a franchised business. Existing owners should always check their agreements before buying a different franchise brand, as if the additional brand could be considered as a competing franchise by the existing Franchisor, this could be considered a violation of the non-competition clause in the agreement.

Assuming your existing franchisor allows you to own a second business through another franchisor, and then there are lots of options available. Some of the best choices for multiple franchise buyers are to look for franchises that require little hands on management time. Services and facilities such as fitness centres are good choices for the busy owner/manager who needs to be more hands off with their business.

Are You Ready to Go Into Business?

There is no magic bullet when it comes to business; everything requires lots of hard work. Even turnkey franchise businesses require a lot of hard work. Most, especially in the restaurant sector, require constant management to ensure quality and sales are maintained. This can mean, at least early on a large amount of time away from family and friends.

Financially you also need to make sure you are ready to go into business for yourself. Do you have the financial resources to get through the low months of sales when your business first opens its doors? This is a question that you are on your own to answer if you go it alone, but if you buy a franchise business, the franchisor will work with you to ensure you have the resources necessary to open the doors.

Go For It!

Ultimately the most important part of succeeding in buying a franchise business is to choose a franchise in the sector you think you have the necessary skills and passion. Make contact with the Franchisors you are considering through Franchise UK for further information. This can be a first positive step to running your own franchise.