Chop Wok Express™ Franchise

£15,000 franchise fee

Franchise Description :

Chop Wok Express™ is a high profit margin Asian food franchise

Finance:Yes, through a third party
Part Time:Yes


Why Should I Purchase a Chop Wok Express™  Franchise?

Express is the way forward

We’ve honed-in on the best selling items from the menu used in our existing stores and streamlined the way they’re made and the amount of ingredients we use to come up with a one-page menu that’s easy on the eye, and easy for new franchisees to adopt. Express is the result of extensive consumer research across a variety of different Chop and Wok stores in the Midlands which has resulted in our own unique blend of sauces manufactured for us to use exclusively.

It’s a franchise, You’ve got access to everything you’ll ever need!

From business plans and cash flow forecasts, to staff contracts and food hygiene platforms. From marketing plans and tools to video-assisted menu manuals and complaint handling. You’ve got all the tools to fit into an already successful business and proven concept.

Best in industry fees

With a £15k franchise fee and fixed weekly support fees of £300 and no marketing fees, we won’t be beaten on fees.

No planning permission needed

Our operating model fits within the general retail premises planning guidelines and is not specialised.

Market leaders Social posts, Bloggers and Marketing support

We post 3 times a week across all our franchisee sub-channels. We arrange huge openings. We reach out to bloggers. We’re on billboards. We send press releases monthly. All this aside from the usual emails and text messages we send to your database.

Real-time training website constantly updated

We know we’re among the first franchisors to offer franchisees access to a real-time training platform that’s updated constantly. No more archaic operations manuals (although that’s also on there too)

Flexible with space

Airports, train stations, kiosks, service stations, holes in the wall or a traditional retail unit. We don’t mind so long as the financial forecast and business model makes sense.

All Electric

With the rising cost of gas we’ve taken the decision to remove gas appliances and decrease operational costs with industry leading equipment.



The Benefits of Buying a Chop Wok ExpressFranchise


£15000 franchise fee

£300 fixed weekly support fees

No marketing fees

No planning permission necessary

No extract permission necessary

All-electric operation. No gas required

Ready-made sauce delivered straight to your store

No delivery drivers (indoor stores)

No skilled chefs necessary

Serve to customers immediately avoiding costly bottlenecks

Earn royalties back from our free-to-use Virtual Brands



How Well Do The Current Stores trade?



The above financials are held by us and all franchisees independently, in order to ensure that each store is on-track to achieve targets, and also to ensure that various margins are adhered to.

The data is taken from independently monitored management figures that each store has to complete on a weekly basis. Those management figures are taken from a daily cash-off document which again, each store must complete on a daily basis.

There are and always be practical reasons behind why certain stores fare better than others, such as store positioning/visibility, available delivery postcodes, opening hours and seasonality, however it is fair to say that the current estate varies in prominence, from fringe city centre locations to secondary high st and tertiary quasi-residential locations.

It should also be noted that some of the lesser performing stores open limited hours (evenings only / closed 1-2 days a week). Your franchise agreement will stipulate your opening hours once agreed in accordance with your circumstances.


What Are the Food Margins Like and What Are Actual Cost Of Sales?




The above is a table of the gross margins for the 3 sizes of dishes and sides we offer. You can see the average gross margin is a staggering 79%. Extraordinarily our meal deal comes in at 77%!



How Will I Find Staff For My Store?


The Express model has been de-skilled to such a degree which means that experienced chefs are not required. Remember that our sauces are pre-made, our meats pre-cooked and frozen, and our vegetables pre-cut/washed. Our sides are made using easy-to-use machinery with pre-set timings for each side dish. Full training will be needed and provided before you open. Once you are trained, we actively use a variety of free-to-use apps such as JobToday, Indeed and Workable. We have 1 set position for which we advertise in store; ‘Kitchen Assistant’, and one out of store; delivery driver. Both positions have prescribed job descriptions. When we enter the site-build stage, you will download the apps, create your own profile and advertise the positions. You will then need to manage the applications as they come-in. Ultimately, these are casual-labour positions which are very easily filled.

You will then arrange trial-days for the prospects at existing stores, where you can determine first-hand whether the applicants are suitable. Once candidates are found and terms agreed we will advise as to how to retain those candidates, ready for the launch of your own store.

We are also frequently asked about ongoing staffing. It is important to understand that staff management is an ongoing process for the life of the business. You ought to have cover for positions which is why having more than one person for each role is essential in order to reduce individual dependency, and to maintain healthy staff rotation. As you train in-store, part of your role will be to continually vet trialists on all days that you are able to work. Continuing this theme in your own store is important in ensuring that you always have available staff ready to fill gaps where necessary.