Every Franchise journey starts with those tentative first steps

Clear Brew have been in the franchise learning space for a while now, helping many people start their own beer line cleaning business and advising them through the early stages. Taking that first step of STARTING A BUSINESS is the biggest decision some of their franchisees have ever had to make. At the outset It feels like (and usually is) a life changing moment and often people will think it over and over, analysing every aspect.

If it’s a business opportunity, like a Clear Brew franchise you are looking at, it’s a different process than if you are starting from scratch on your own.

Analysing your business opportunity is extremely important, making sure it’s right for you. That is why before you make any decisions Clear Brew invite you to Cornwall to spend a day in their offices. From this point you can picture yourself in the role and witness for yourself the kind of support you will receive, not just for the first few challenging months but throughout your time as a Clear Brew franchisee. They will pay for you overnight stay, allowing you enough time to fully take in everything they have to offer. It is important for them that you are successful, so there really is no pressure, the decision lies solely with you and they are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Due diligence is key prior to the final decision (not afterwards) and like any reputable organisation, Clear Brew have a wealth of information to help you achieve this quickly. Whatever decision you decide upon, you are advised to choose a business that has:

  • A proven business model
  • A long term future
  • Excellent training and support

Once you have your decided on your franchise short list, you need to answer yourself a number of questions?

  1. Can you see yourself being successful, and loving running this business?
  2. Do you have the funds to invest to make it happen?
  3. Do you feel comfortable with the team you are looking to invest with?

This may sound like a simplified process, but in our experience, these are the most important questions. If you answer yes and you still can’t decide, then being in business on your own, may not be right for you.

 As the old saying goes, “every journey starts with the first step” 

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