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Magazine Franchises

Magazines are still a popular means of entertainment. Even though in the current digital landscape, one may think who would want to buy magazines? But research shows that people still want to walk to a newsstand and pick up something to read on the tube or to skim through in the park. Women still want to pick up hardcopies of their favourite gossip magazines, with their quizzes and tips. This industry is still going strong regardless of the world wide web era. The avid readers of magazines and paperbacks still prefer to read on paper instead of gadgets. So, magazines franchise opportunities and novels business are going good in the UK.

Magazines franchise opportunities within this industry are plentiful. If an investor has an affinity with writing and editing, or even if they just want to manage and put together others writings, he or she can always go for a well-known brand’s franchise. Franchises are easier to handle as they don’t require any previous experience or too much advertising to set up a clientele. An already established business selling their franchise will help the franchisee with everything from training to policies to constant on ground support, whenever needed. So, investing in magazine franchise opportunities would be a better idea than to start a business of magazines from scratch. It would take a lot of effort to take that off the ground, as even though there are paperback loyalists, but they are a few. The market is saturated with big names, so it is better to run one the established franchises.

For an initial investment of £2,000, you can buy a franchise of the parenting magazine, ScallyMag. This magazine is for the parents by the parents. The best thing about this magazine is that parents write it to give benefit to other parents and help inform them about the on-going happenings of the community. Each of these magazine franchises for sale can choose how often they want to publish this magazine, from once a month to three times a year. The magazine makes money by allowing advertisements to be published in its pages along with useful information for parents.

JustRegional, which is a well-known name in the news and advertising world, has its franchises up for sale as well. For an initial investment of £15,000, you can become a part of getting the daily news to the people. JustRegional is all about what is happening in your area. As it is a focused newspaper magazine, the company has to expand to other areas in order to make it effective. They are expanding their business model and selling their magazine franchises so more and more regions can be covered. No prior experience is required to own a franchise of JustRegional.

Specialized magazines franchise opportunities are also very lucrative, as it caters to the big corporations, helping them advertise and print about their products. They take out magazines including information about their products etc. that create awareness within their target market.

The magazine franchise business is doing very well across the UK. Turnover in this industry is great especially if your magazine is able to get advertisements.