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One of the very obvious pre requisites to staring a language business is the ability to speak the language you are teaching fluently. A native proficiency is often preferred and this is why many companies when hiring writers prefer to hire writers with a native proficiency in Englishto writers without one. The same goes for any other language, the preference is for a native tongue to do the teaching and writing.

In terms of the startup cost of such a business venture, language franchises UK have only the cost of a few small promotional materials, and the efforts output by the new business owner. In the longer term a higher investment will be required as the business grows. This is because it will eventually need to move to a physical location to do its teaching instead of being a one to one home based tutoring business. There are some language franchises schools available for entrepreneurs to invest in. The level of investment is higher because most of these schools – largely focused on ESL teaching – have a presence in a physical building or office.

Internet Language Franchises

language-franchises1This is a popular choice for learners from around the world, as it is often difficult to find people to practice their new language with in their home country. It also serves as a great way to build connections and friendships that span continents all while speaking your mind.

Language Franchises – Major Languages People are Learning

Language learning as a franchise business is heavily influenced by the flows of business and trade. As the world has moved towards the emerging markets, the major languages of each of these regions have become more important. English by virtue of its position as the dominant language of the developed world, and unifying language of India, is in constant high demand. It does not hurt that India is also one of the most important emerging markets. This same trend has made Spanish and Chinese (mandarin) important languages to learn as well.

  • English – As the worlds unofficial language of businessEnglish is a highly sought after language skill in much of the world. This is why millions of children around the world go to school to learn English in the evenings instead of play. It is also why many of their parents choose to take English classes as well. Being able to speak English provides them stronger job prospects so ideal for any language franchises business.
  • Spanish- Latin America is a rapidly rising region of the world, anchored by Mexico, and Colombia, the region is on a significant growth trajectory. It is also becoming more important as a language in the most populous English nation in the world, the United States. As the Latin population there increases the rate of bilingualism will have to follow.
  • Chinese – As the worlds fastest growing economy and second richest country, China is growing in prominence and importance by the day. In order to take advantage of the opportunities present in this country business people from around the world are teaching mandarin to be able to conduct business in smaller Chinese cities.

Home Based Education Franchises

It is also possible to education franchises out of your home. If you have an office area you can conduct one to one language training and tutoring. As a business this is one option that will allow you to learn a stable and sustainable income, because the world is only continuing to become more global. This will mean continued increased demand for language training.

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