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Education Franchises

Many parents worry about school & educational standards these days. Its no wonder why the private tutoring sector is now worth over £6bn giving rise to many education franchises.

Some education franchises for sale include maths & english language courses but that's not all. You can now invest in franchises that provide science tutoring, foreign languages, art & even computer skills training for your children.

When you consider the growing use of technology in our daily lives and the global economy these skills are a great investment in your child future. For example franchises that offer computer skills training could help give a child a competitive edge when they enter the work place and leave education.

The same would apply to children when it comes to language skills, we live more and more in a global marketplace so language skills are essential for many employment opportunities.

If you are still wondering whether a children's franchise opportunity I will cover a few statistics around the education industry in the UK to restore your faith around the educational business market.

How to choose the right education franchise for you

If you're passionate about education, either as a whole or with respect to a specific subject, there are countless rewarding opportunities to be found within education franchises. The education industry has been growing for some time now. Covid has slowed most sectors of the economy, including education, but the sector has proven more resilient than many analysts were expecting. Investing in an education franchise is an excellent way for aspiring entrepreneurs to get a foot in the door of this exciting and dynamic sector without having to take on the usual risks associated with starting a new business.

Research types of education franchises

There are numerous types of education franchises available for aspiring franchisees to invest in. Before committing to any education franchise, make sure you take the time to research all the available options.

Tutoring franchises

There are several types of tutoring franchises that are popular today. Most of these are focused on providing tutoring in specific subjects, with some focussing on a specific niche subject and others providing instruction in core subjects like language franchises, animal education franchises, math franchises, computer education franchises or science education franchises. If you are proficient in a specific subject and you're passionate about sharing your expertise with other people, a single-subject tutoring franchise can present some wonderful opportunities.

Music franchises

Anyone who loves music and is proficient at playing a particular instrument can find the perfect career opportunity with a music education franchise. These franchises come in an endless range of shapes and sizes and cater to everyone who wants to learn an instrument or even how to sing. Music franchises can provide one-on-one lessons to individual students, or they can work with groups of students. Musical theatre is another club children may wish to join, making theatre franchises a good option.

Sports and fitness education franchises

For those who have degrees in physiotherapy or sporting background, there are plenty of opportunities to share your experience with clients looking to get fit or learn to play a particular sport. Educational franchises in this sector will have the opportunity to spend most of their working day outdoors and will get to work with a range of clients. Some sports educators essentially work as personal trainers, while others focus on specific niches, such as rehabilitation through sport, coaching groups of children, etc.

Computing education franchises

The IT education sector is huge and has been growing consistently for some time. Anyone who is proficient in programming or has experience in any IT or computing-related subject can find plenty of franchising opportunities. These skills are pretty much guaranteed to be valuable for any student in their personal and professional lives, especially in today's digital-first world. Computer franchises are therefore one of the more reliable franchise investments available today.

Define your key strengths and aspirations

If you are interested in starting an education franchise, you should first take the time to define your key skills and what you want to get out of operating an education franchise. If you already have experience working in education, it makes sense to choose a franchise that will enable you to build on that experience. This can mean choosing a franchise that involves the same subjects you have already taught or working with students from the same age groups that you have already worked with. You should also aim to invest in an education franchise that you will find rewarding. Whether that means helping specific groups of people or children to learn new skills or tutoring other people in subjects you are passionate about. The more passionate you are about the work, the better you will be at educating your students.

Assess your financial situation

Before you begin investing in an education franchise, you need to be certain that it makes sense based on your current finances. First, you need to be sure that you can afford the costs of buying an education franchise opportunity. Remember, the cost to buy an education franchise for sale isn't the only expenditure you need to consider. It's also important to remember that low-cost education franchises might not bring in a profit straight away. Before you invest in an education franchise, whether you are interested in home-based education franchises or location-based franchises, you should ensure you have enough capital in savings to cover your living expenses until your franchise has matured and provides you with a reliable income.

Talk to other franchisees

It's always a good idea to speak to people with experience operating an education franchise of their own before you make any final decisions on an educational franchise to buy. They will be able to provide you with invaluable insight into what it's like running an education franchise and can provide support as part of your network in the future. There are plenty of great budget education franchises and profitable education franchises for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to work in the education field. The key to success lies in choosing a franchise that plays to your strengths and enables you to utilise any experience you already have working in education. Make sure you consider your options carefully before committing to any specific opportunity.

Facts around schools in the UK

Did you know?

  • There are currently just over 32,000 schools around the whole of the UK.
  • There are currently just under 11,000,000 students in the whole of the UK in 2020.
  • The average secondary school spent £172,560 on resources in 2016/17
  • In 2017 there was a total of 3,392,100 computers in schools in the UK.

These stats show whatever educational franchise opportunity you are running there is a huge customer base. Hopefully these stats have restored you faith in purchasing a education franchise opportunity in the UK.

We have a wide variety of educational franchises available. With more parents opting for additional private tuition this trend is set to grow. Browse our range of education franchise opportunities and find the ideal franchise for you. Why not also check out art franchises.