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B2B Franchises

Businesses that provide or cater to other businesses are referred to as B2B. The concept is that a business produces a product, which is then sold to another business instead of an individual customer. For example, PVC resin-making businesses sell their products to factories that use that resin to make plastic. The resin is of no use to an individual person, but is a raw material for another business. Similarly, businesses that produce car parts, sell to companies that manufacture cars. The B2B industry in UK has a lot of opportunity for investors. This industry includes Business to Business franchise opportunities, business network franchises and business consultancy franchise opportunities among many others. 

Some of the big B2B companies like to use the franchising model to expand their businesses. By selling a franchise, the companies are able to extend their reach and customer base. The franchisors train and support their franchisees to perform in a way that keeps the parent company’s reputation safe. Investors who are interested in owning a business that supplies to other businesses, can easily invest in a franchise. The best part about investing in a franchise is that you can do what you are passionate about now, if you didn’t get a chance to do it before, for whatever reason. If you are passionate about B2B production and sales, but have no prior experience or background, there is no need to worry. The stringent training in the area by the franchisor will make you a pro at B2B dealings.

Let us review a couple of B2B franchises:

ClearTrace franchise is an infection control and management company that provides its services to dental surgeries, hospitals, ambulance providers, care home providers, GP surgeries and other mobile medical facilities providers. Since its formation in 2008, it has been providing its specialized infection control services to big and small health care services. Since it has developed a trust factor among its target audience, among other B2B franchises for sale, this franchise of ClearTrace is bound to be successful.

BoxProperty Solutions Franchise is an architectural management company which specializes in property planning, inspections, photography and cleaning and construction of domestic and commercial properties. This company provides its expertise to industry professionals, as well as the public. The company has big construction firms as its clients, and it supports their business by providing due diligence expertise. The company has a very good franchise plan, which helps the franchisees make a name for themselves among an already loyal customer base. The big corporations the company works with trust the brand name, and this will give the investor an edge.

Engage and Grow franchise is a company that provides the companies in the UK with strategies to increase their employee engagement level. This company lies at the heart of the HR consultancy industry. According to research, only 8% employees employed in organizations in the UK are engaged. Engage and grow are experts at working on the employee engagement levels of a company and have designed their own ground breaking program to help companies increase their EE ratio.  So, if you have a flare for communication and have a great attitude towards work and life, then among many other B2B franchise opportunities, this may be the one for you. Thus while exploring Business to Business franchise opportunities, make an informed decision by taking the above into consideration.