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Fitness Franchises

The fitness sector has seen rapid growth over recent years leading to the rise of fitness franchises for sale.

There are now around 9 million fitness clubs in the UK. This trend is set to grow as more people enjoy keeping themselves fit. Many fitness clubs now remain open 24 hours a day plus have flexible memberships to enable people working shifts or unsociable hours to keep to their fitness regime.

It's not all about gym franchises, though. There are many fitness franchise opportunities available in the UK. Some of these include swimming, yoga, football, rugby & even martial arts and self-defense fitness franchises.

There are even franchises that offer ballet classes & dance classes for children, an excellent way to combat the child obesity problem by making exercise fun.

With growing obesity & diabetes among adults & children, the growing fitness trend & business is a positive sign for people's health. With the strong media focus on fitness & health franchises generally, this is an industry trend that's set to continue.

What types of fitness franchises are available?

The good thing about investing in fitness franchise businesses is that there are many different options in the fitness franchising industry. Another perk of investing in a fitness franchise business for sale is choosing a way of working that would fit your needs best. So it's all a matter of which fitness franchise you think would suit you best and what you are looking for. At Franchise UK, we offer a vast and diverse range of opportunities in the fitness industry, so we highly recommend you browse our complete list of fitness franchises to decide which opportunity would be best for you.

Facts around the fitness industry in the UK


We will now list some statistics below that have recently been collected around the fitness industry. We hope these statistics can give you a clearer idea around the fitness industry in the UK and find out whether it will be a stable business decision for you for years to come since even though running a franchise, you need passion, you also need to think about longevity in any investment.

  • Did you know 300,000 people in the UK join a gym each year.
  • The fitness industry contributes £5 billion to the UK each year.
  • From 2010 to 2020, the gym industry has grown by 33%.
  • Gym members have gone up by 3 million in the UK between 2010 to 2019.


What do these statistics show for the fitness industry?


These statistics do not just show that the fitness industry is massive in the UK. They also have shown growth, which is constantly growing in the UK. Since every year, there is an increase of people with obesity, so the fitness industry in the UK is constantly thriving.

Where to find more information about the fitness industry?


If you think that investing in a fitness franchise would be right for you but are wondering where to get more information about the fitness industry, I recommend browsing through our franchising blog at Franchise UK, which gives out free information around many different industries. This is perfect for anyone serious about running their own franchise but needs more information because market research plays a crucial factor in business success when making a business decision. If you are unsure whether investing in a fitness franchise would be right for you but looking for information around a few different industries, our blog should also help you since it provides free information on almost every sector you could think of.