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One of the fastest growing sectors for UK franchise businesses is the health franchises and fitness franchises sector. This is largely due to increased recognition on the part of the public of the need to be healthy and engage in regular physical activity. For would be business owners this is one thriving sector to investigate if you are looking into buying a franchise.

In terms of choosing a franchisor and buying their franchise there are many options. The health franchises & fitness franchises in the UK has about a dozen major players who a potential business owner might choose to get involved with. It is also a cost effective sector to enter, as the typical investment in the businesses runs from £750 to £130,000. This of course depends on the size of the location, franchisor, and type of business.

Fitness Franchises UK – Great Low Cost Franchises

Dog walking franchises are a low cost franchise opportunity focused on helpingfitness-franchises3 dogs and dog owners stay fit and healthy. They typically offer a range of services from dog walking to dog running, to owner and dog group runs. This hybrid business has next to no startup costs and represents an opportunity for the business owner to stay in shape while starting a fitness franchise business.

Typical cases show a dog walking franchise owner can make between £22,000-£25,000 during a 25 hour workweek. If the franchise buyer has the endurance to do additional runs and walks beyond the 25 hours the potential to earn a significant income from the business is present. The low startup cost and the idea of being paid to exercise makes a dog walking business an attractive prospect.

Fitness franchises and health franchises come with a range of support features including HR support, tax support, advertising support, and training. While it might be tempting to go it alone and start your own dog walking business, these features mean being part of a franchise will allow you to earn more revenue with less hassle.

Fitness Franchises UK – Overall Great Choice

The reality is Britons are becoming more conscious about their lifestyle and are working harder to shed the extra weight they have gained. This is why fitness clubs are on the rise across the UK and around the world. With a typical investment of £105,000, these clubs fall mid level in terms of overall fitness franchise investment. Most franchisors will work with the new investor to secure adequate bank financing for any additional investment.

A fitness centres franchise business systems allow them to keep running around the clock without having full staffing in place. It is also industry practice to sell recurring memberships, locking members into contracts of up to a year, thus giving the franchisee access to a stable stream of income. Being part of a chain of fitness franchises or health franchises also facilitates access to large discounts on equipment purchase and repair, as well as access to industry leading fitness classes to offer members. These factors coupled together make it easy to understand why fitness centres are a top franchise choice.

Choosing Fitness Franchises

It can be difficult to choose a franchise to buy in any sector. The health franchise sector being particularly competitive makes this task that much harder. Fundamentally the first rule of choosing any business to start is if one life the business, understands it, and would be a customer. If you are not big into fitness, health, or working out, then owning a fitness franchises is probably not the best idea for you. Similarly if you do not like dogs then buying a dog walking franchise is not a great idea, no matter how good the business opportunity.

Some tips for making the right choice include:

  • Franchise Market Research – Double check the franchisors market research. First look for competing products and learn about their pricing, will your services be comparable to the competition on price and quality? Second, if there is no competition in the area why is this the case? If the area is new then this is the answer, but perhaps the demographics of the area are such that nobody can afford a health club membership.
  • Speak to Franchises – Ask for and obtain contact information for others who have bought the health & fitness franchise. Inquire as to their experience with the franchisor, and be sure to ask about the level of support they received in starting their business.
  • Have a franchising lawyer review all documents before signing – Review all of the documents and contracts. Be sure you understand your rights, responsibilities and obligations in the terms and conditions. This contract is going to govern your business relationship with the franchise seller for the next 10 years. (Most franchises are sold on 10-year terms renewable by mutual consent.)

Types of fitness franchises

  • Gym franchises
  • Health franchises

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