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Fitness Franchises

The fitness sector has seen rapid growth over recent years leading to the rise of fitness franchises.

There are now around 9 million fitness clubs in the UK. This trend is set to grow as more people enjoy keeping themselves fit. Many fitness clubs now remain open 24 hours a day plus have flexible memberships to enable people working shifts or unsociable hours to keep to their fitness regime.

It's not all about gym franchises though. Their are many fitness franchise opportunities available in the UK. Some of these include swimming, yoga, football, rubgy & even martial arts and self defence fitness franchises.

There are even franchises that offer ballet classes & dance classes for children, an excellent way to combat the child obesity problem with making excercise fun.

With growing obesity & diabetes amoing adults & children the growing fitness trend & business is a positive sign for peoples health. With the strong media focus on fitness & health generally this is an industry trend that's set to continue.

Facts around the fitness industry in the UK


  • Did you know 300,000 people in the UK join a gym each year.
  • The fitness industry contributes £5 billion to the UK each year.
  • Since 2010 to 2020 the gym industry has grown by 33%.
  • Gym members has gone up by 3 million in the UK between 2010 to 2019.


These statistics do not just show that the fitness industry is massive in the UK. They also have shown the growth which is constantly growing in the UK. Since every year there is an increase of people with obesity so the fitness industry in the UK is constantly thriving.

Hopefully these stats and facts have answered any questions you may have had around the fitness industry. Also if you decide the fitness industry is not your cup of tea I highly suggest browsing our full franchise directory which includes over 1,000 franchise opportunities for sale in the UK making Franchise UK the UK's largest franchise directory in the UK.