Fantastic Services: Innovative thinking is key to our coronavirus action plan

Covid-19 is having unprecedented effects in business. Now, more than ever is time to have a proper business strategy. We couldn’t predict the future but were prepared for a scenario in which traditional ways of delivering services aren’t feasible for (at least) the next few months.

Our plan

  • We take care of our franchisees, they take care of our customers.

We make sure that we inform our franchisees with General Coronavirus prevention measures, tips on strengthening their immune system, protective gear and all the support they need right now. This way, they can feel safe to continue to deliver their Fantastic services.

  • We implement new services.

Once the World Health Organization has stated that preventative measures such as personal hygiene, sanitation, and avoidance of risk factors minimise the spread of the virus, we knew we’ll be needed. Anticipating the crisis, we have developed a brand new service for the UK market – Antiviral Sanitisation. The service is performed by trained professionals using certified, non-toxic antiviral solutions.

  • We stay positive.

Our co-founder Rune Sovndahl prefers to call the recession – reinvention. “It’s a chance to redo and reshape our business, we all know trees don’t grow into heaven so at one stage certain things will change, and once we understand it’s a frame of mind, then things will seem a lot less severe.”

The result

During a crisis, there’s no time for denial. We confront the brutal facts and we maintain faith that we will prevail. Our teams are prepared for the future chaos and we all believe that it will make us even stronger. This crisis situation motivates us to show the world how powerful our business is.

Hundreds of franchisees, supporting staff and professionals are working extended hours in order to make things better. And they succeeded! We are prouder than ever to share with you that regardless of the tough times, we’ve reported an increase in demand for professional cleaning and sanitisation during the last week.

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