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services-franchises1Why would anyone want to start a services franchises? It is a question that is frequently batted around the Internet on forums and in articles targeted squarely at entrepreneurs. There is a very good reason, services franchises are a great way to start a business with minimal capital investment, using only your brain, time, and a small amount for business cards and a website to build a roster of clients.

Many people are baffled by the notion of a services franchises, and if told that someone is a consultant, secretly wonder if they might just be unemployed. The reality is services are in high demand, and there are many great examples of services businesses from consulting, to auditing, to lessons, and teaching that we are willing to pay money for as consumers.

Services franchises utilise the skills and knowledge of the entrepreneur and any employees to produce information or complete tasks for a business. A great example from the world of big business is the call centre and customer care industry; the entire business is outsourced to customer care providers.

Why operate a services franchises?

  • Income Potential – Operating one’s own business allows them to earn a much larger amount of money than they would otherwise be able to earn if they were working in a job in the same industry. There is however a major trade off, this increased income comes with increased responsibility and a large number of hours.
  • Extra Part Time Work – Owning a business on the side is a great way to generate extra income by working for yourself in your free hours outside of a 9 to 5 job. At some point though, your business income may reach a point where it is time to get rid of your day job in favour of being exclusively in business for your self.
  • Independence and Freedom – When you start a business and it succeeds your success there ever after is tied to your own ability to work hard and produce results instead of the whim of your boss. It also means you can take time off (although almost always unpaid) to relax and enjoy yourself on your schedule. Being a business owner also gives you the freedom to pay your taxes at the end of the year, and plan for retirement and expenses 12 months out to minimise your tax bill.
  • Paying Less Taxes – It is no secret that the deductions that come from running a business leave you with more income in your pocket and a greater deal of financial flexibility.

Great Services Franchises you can start today

services-franchises2The great thing about most services franchises businesses is you can start them today. There is no need to prepare an exhaustive business plan for investors, or potential investors. Up front capital is simply not required in the way it is in a business that requires bricks and mortar.

  • Business Consulting Franchises – There are lots of opportunities within the franchise sector to start a low cost business consulting franchise. These organisations utilise their franchisees skills to provide consulting services, and advice on fixing problems with small and medium enterprises alike. As an industry the small and medium business-consulting field is one that is sure to continue to boom.
  • Outsource Services Franchises – Providing outsourced services to small and medium sized businesses is a great way to help them take their business to the next level while building your own business. Services commonly provided by an outsource services provider include human resources, payroll, accounting, and book keeping services. All of these services typically require specialised skills and training, and the business simply does not have enough work on hand to justify having a full time employee to provide these services.
  • Writing – If you are skilled with a pen, or keyboard, there is an opportunity for you to get in writing the content for the Internet. A freelance writing gig, with a substantial client base of websites and organisations from across the web will allow you to generate a substantial income. There are also opportunities to scale your business by using the labour and skills of lower cost workers in other jurisdictions to do the bulk of your work. A word of warning though, all of the content has to sound like it was written by a native English speaker, thus it is important to screen writers before hiring them on.

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