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plumbing-franchises2Plumbing Franchises in the trades sector are one of the best opportunities to make money these days. The reality is that between new construction and existing buildings requiring repairs, there is a lot of work for skilled trades people. In the case of plumbers there is often a shortage of workers with the skills and knowledge to be able to do the work required. This leads to many of the large plumbing firms being constantly understaffed, a great opportunity for plumbing franchises.

These are a stressful set of conditions to work under as a plumber, leaving many to wish they could start their own plumbing franchise business. The unfortunate reality is many do not know how they can get started, but the good news is a plumbing franchises can help them reach their goals. Plumbers and their plumbing franchises tend to work in one of three areas:

  • HVAC Plumbers – These plumbers are certified and trained in working on heating and ventilation. In short they work with furnaces, installing the ductwork, gas lines, and anything else required getting a furnace or ventilation system up and running.
  • Household Water Plumbers – When people think of plumbers they often think of toilets and plungers. This is because as a profession, plumbers are most associated with fixing leaking pipes and toilets. These certified professionals install hot water heaters, pipes, toilets, sinks, and anything else that will be part of homes water or waste water system.
  • Industrial Plumbers – An industrial or commercial plumber will work on large projects. These include large multi unit residential complexes, and commercial or industrial buildings. Generally a high level of certification is required to work at this level.

In terms of starting a plumbing franchises there are three options.

  • One is to become a plumber, this means several years of training and apprenticeship. It is not a bad option if the entrepreneur is a “hands on” individual that has issues staying behind a desk all day.
  • The second is to be a plumber when you take on the plumbing franchise, from there you can either do the work yourself, or hire other plumbers.
  • The Third option is for someone that just wants to own a plumbing franchise business, and has no interest in being a plumber. In this case a plumber will have to be hired and trained to actually do the work. This is probably the riskiest way to get into a plumbing franchises or business, because if your plumber quits then you are out of business until you hire a new one.

Existing Business Owners

plumbing-franchises1Plumbers that already own a plumbing franchises have an additional option. If they join a plumbing franchise they have the opportunity to improve their ovpan>erall business. The reality is the franchise will help them with a number of business areas that will allow them to grow their revenue and client base. Some advantages of joining a franchise even if you own a highly profitable plumbing business include:

  • Assistance with Marketing – Joining a plumbing franchise w>ill make your business a part of a national brand. This will give you increased recognition and prominence with clients that are currently outside of your existing client base. It will also mean all marketing materials and business cards will be prepared for you and be paid for out of the marketing share of your franchise fee.
  • Human Resources – Joining a plumbing franchise will make the human resources aspects of the business, with regard to other plumbers and employees working for you much easier. Most plumbing franchises come with enterprise software support, thus allowing you to quickly and easily do payroll, and other key enterprise functions.
  • Business Systems Software – From accounting to tax preparation, unless you have bought expensive software you will have to do it yourself. This software is geared towards streamlining everything from work orders, to billing, to invoices, and late payments.

Plumbing Franchises Investment

The required investment varies depending on the franchisor, and how you are getting into the business. If you are a management franchisee that is not a plumber then the investment will be highest because of training a plumber and purchasing equipment. In this case it is about £25,000, while in the case of a plumber it would be about £16,000 for equipment. Established plumbers can generally join a franchise for about £7,000 owing to the fact they already have their own equipment.

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