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Event and Wedding Planning Franchises

Since the past decade or so, event and wedding planning has become the new trend in the UK. Reviewing this trend reflects that the bigger the wedding, the more the publicity generated for the company arranging the affairs. Events and weddings have become a social symbol and a way to show one’s social standing. This is why people save up all their lives to give their children a grand wedding. 67% of the young adults spend all their savings on their wedding function. Companies have big budgets allocated for special events and functions. The industry provides event and wedding planning franchise opportunities which have been rapidly growing over the past few years and could become the dream job of a creative person who has a knack for managing events.

The wedding budgets increased by 29% when the financial crisis ended. Even during the recession, wedding planning businesses were least affected. People will always be getting married. The budgets may vary. But as the climate settled, the weddings kept becoming more and more elaborate. Many prominent names in the business popped up and made a handsome living out of the business. These businesses are now offering to sell their event and wedding planning franchises to people who have a passion and flare for event management franchises

If you know that you are creative and passionate enough to run a successful event management company, then for a minimum investment of £6,255, you can become a part of the Beauty Call Franchise, which operates all across the UK. The business has established itself as a solution for all the couples out there who are looking for a sweet, wonderful affair. The business provides hair and makeup facilities as well as state of the art event planning expertise. So if you want to become a part of this ever growing business of event planning, become a part of the Beauty Call as it has 300 plus event and wedding planning franchises across the UK, and has become one of the most trusted names. The business has ample experience with franchises, and has a great training and support system in order to help the franchise owner run it successfully.  

Another famous business that has its franchises up for sale is the Ambiance Venue Styling. You can become an owner of this wedding décor business for a minimum investment of £9,995. Ambiance Styling is helping its franchisors to capitalize on their brand name. It gives the stylists the platform to explore their creativity and use the resources provided by the business at subsidised rates. The Ambiance Styling brand name is very popular in the UK and they have expanded their services far and wide with the help of event and wedding planning franchise opportunities. They have an avid support system for their franchisors and they train them in the business so that unmatched profits can be made, without compromising on quality. 

So, under £10,000, you can own a franchise of this thriving industry. We can only see the event and wedding planning franchise opportunities and the industry getting bigger, especially after the royal wedding. Couples are more inspired than ever to have a beautiful grand event. So this is the right time to invest in this business. There will be constant support from the businesses and the new franchisor will get to learn from their experience and capitalize on their well established brand names.