Buying a franchise UK

Are you considering setting up your own business by buying a franchise UK? If so there are a lot of things you need to consider before you buy a franchise including;

  • What is a franchise & relationship between franchisee & franchisor and is it right for me?
  • There are so many franchises for sale, what type of franchise should I buy?
  • How to I create a shortlist of franchises for sale?
  • What is the franchise recruitment process
  • What questions should I ask a Franchisor when considering buying a franchise?
  • What is a franchise agreement & what are the legal obligations when buying a franchise?
  • What is franchise due diligence and how to I carry this out?
  • Will I need professional advice, if so what will I need and what are the costs

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How to get funding to start a franchise

How to get funding to start a franchise You may be in a position to use your own money to start a franchise, but it’s more likely that you’ll be needing to raise funds to get off the ground. Every new business requires money to get started, and this includes franchises. You need to think …

Advantage of Investing in a Franchise

What is the main advantage of investing in a franchise? If you’re thinking about starting up a business in the UK, buying a franchise could be the very real opportunity you’re seeking. If you haven’t considered buying a franchise, and are wondering what is an advantage to a business franchise, take time to read this …

Are franchise fees tax deductible?

Are franchise fees tax deductible? Investing in a franchise is a great way to go into business without exposing yourself to the risks of running your own start-up. Franchises have a greater chance of success and also benefit from the reputation of an established company. This saves the investor some of the work of creating …

What makes a franchise a franchise

What makes a franchise a franchise? The term franchise is one which many consumers and businesses understand, at its core level, it involves a person buying into a larger company for the right to trade with their name, products and systems. On a more technical level, the word “franchise” refers to the contractual relationships between …

How Franchising helps charities

How Franchising helps charities Amazing things can happen when people get together and work toward a common goal. One might say that this is what franchising is all about. As franchisors and franchisees tend to think in a win-win fashion, actively seeking ways to improve the conditions for their partners and their communities, franchises often …

What is a franchise resale?

valuation of the business

What is a franchise resale? Are you considering self-employment through franchising? If so when you have been researching franchises for sale you may have come across the term franchise resale, but what is a franchise resale? A franchise resale is a franchise business that is already trading. A person has invested in the franchise & …

What is a franchise business?

what is a franchise?

What is a franchise business? Are you considering self-employment, possibly for the first time & interested to find out more about franchising? Firstly you need to find out exactly what a franchise is & how it differs from other businesses. So what is a franchise business? A franchise business is a very niche business operation. …

The Importance of Seeking a Franchise Consultant

The Importance of Seeking a Franchise Consultant

Entrepreneurs nowadays have so many different ideas but are always confused as to how to execute them and they seek professional help to help them give way to their thoughts. Same is the case when you engage a franchise consultant because an expert in the field can give you more knowledge and insight into the …

Tips for Identifying a Profitable Franchise

Tips for Identifying a Profitable Franchise

In the UK the franchising industry is on the up, in the year 2017 franchises UK contributed over £15 billion pounds to the UK economy, so it is evident that there is money to be made in the industry. However, the common question for anyone considering buying a franchise is how to identify a profitable …

Choosing a Franchise According To Your Personality Traits

Choosing Franchise According To Your Personality Traits

The UK franchising experts believe that one of the most important factors of running a successful franchise is choosing a franchise business according to your personality. The right match would allow you to transform your enthusiasm, passion, and interest in profits and a successful business. Every year, hundreds of corporate workers say goodbye to their …

How to Buy First Franchise?

Buy First Franchise

If you have the investment, but you do not have a profitable and workable business idea, then buying a franchise might be the best option for you. Currently, the UK has more than 900 franchises operations with an annual £13.4 billion industry turnover. Running a franchise as compared to starting a new business from scratch is …

Things To Consider When Buying A Franchise

When you decide to invest in new franchises, it opens a world of opportunities to grow and improve your business, but before you take out your hard earned money to invest in a franchise you should consider all the aspects of the business including the risks and rewards it offers. Some of the things you …