Buying a franchise UK

Are you considering setting up your own business by buying a franchise UK? If so there are a lot of things you need to consider before you buy a franchise including;

  • What is a franchise & relationship between franchisee & franchisor and is it right for me?
  • There are so many franchises for sale, what type of franchise should I buy?
  • How to I create a shortlist of franchises for sale?
  • What is the franchise recruitment process
  • What questions should I ask a Franchisor when considering buying a franchise?
  • What is a franchise agreement & what are the legal obligations when buying a franchise?
  • What is franchise due diligence and how to I carry this out?
  • Will I need professional advice, if so what will I need and what are the costs

Here you will find many useful articles with tips on buying a franchise in the UK, you may also find it very useful to read our free franchise guide which you can obtain by completing the form below;

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How to Buy First Franchise?

Buy First Franchise

If you have the investment, but you do not have a profitable and workable business idea, then buying a franchise might be the best option for you. Currently, the UK has more than 900 franchises operations with an annual £13.4 billion industry turnover. Running a franchise as compared to starting a new business from scratch is …

Things To Consider When Buying A Franchise

When you decide to invest in new franchises, it opens a world of opportunities to grow and improve your business, but before you take out your hard earned money to invest in a franchise you should consider all the aspects of the business including the risks and rewards it offers. Some of the things you …

Is Buying a Franchise Worth The Risk?

Is Buying a Franchise Worth The Risk

Acquiring a franchise is a bit less risky than investing in a new business. In the start, you might feel that you are going to manage someone else’s business, but this isn’t the case. You will be looking after an established business in order to promote it and expand it. You will be playing an …

Advantages of Buying a Franchise

Advantages of buying a franchise

There are many reasons why purchasing a franchise has become a popular concept. Due to its immense advantages, most people prefer to obtain a franchise rather than go through the trouble and risk of setting up their own business. Here are the few reasons why people consider buying a franchise over starting own business. Be …

How to Evaluate a Franchise

How To Evaluate A Franchise

Starting a business without any planning? Are you sure you can succeed without planning your journey? Absolutely not, you need to have a plan about what you will be doing and what you are aiming for. To draft an effective plan you need to evaluate every possibility to come up with the best option. Same …

What You Should Do Before Investing Into A Franchise

What You Should Do Before Investing Into A Franchise

3 Things You Need to Know Before Investing Into A Franchise Aspiring entrepreneurs who do not want to start a business from scratch have the opportunity to invest in a plethora of franchises that are available on Franchise UK. Investing in a franchise is a great business move for aspiring entrepreneurs because they acquire a proven …

Which franchise model?

Which Franchise Model? The New Year is upon us and fears of Brexit and what the financial future holds may leave many wishing to have greater control of their own destiny by running their own ready-made business in the form of a franchise. The fact that this is the chosen route for those wanting to …

What’s the best work from home franchise UK?

work from home franchise uk

Best work from home franchise UK? Work from home business start-ups are on the rise. I remember the days when the internet first launched. To be honest I really thought by now most people would be working from home. Sadly for many that suffer the daily commute that is not the case but home working …

What are the best new franchises UK?

best new franchises uk

Best new franchises UK – What are the best new franchises? The great thing about franchising is the industry diversity. Franchises can cover thousands of types of businesses. These industries could be food, care, hotels, business consulting. In fact the list of possible franchises is endless. Because provided a business is successful, can be replicated …

Franchise discovery days

Franchise discovery days Franchise discovery days are often a next step to finding your ideal franchise.  Putting faces to names and perhaps meeting existing franchisees to gain further knowledge and ask questions is a chance to good to miss. Perhaps you are wondering what to expect from a discovery day? Franchise discovery days vary in …