Buying a franchise UK

Are you considering setting up your own business by buying a franchise UK? If so there are a lot of things you need to consider before you buy a franchise including;

  • What is a franchise & relationship between franchisee & franchisor and is it right for me?
  • There are so many franchises for sale, what type of franchise should I buy?
  • How to I create a shortlist of franchises for sale?
  • What is the franchise recruitment process
  • What questions should I ask a Franchisor when considering buying a franchise?
  • What is a franchise agreement & what are the legal obligations when buying a franchise?
  • What is franchise due diligence and how to I carry this out?
  • Will I need professional advice, if so what will I need and what are the costs

Here you will find many useful articles with tips on buying a franchise in the UK, you may also find it very useful to read our free franchise guide which you can obtain by completing the form below;

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Franchise discovery days

Franchise discovery days Franchise discovery days are often a next step to finding your ideal franchise.  Putting faces to names and perhaps meeting existing franchisees to gain further knowledge and ask questions is a chance to good to miss. Perhaps you are wondering what to expect from a discovery day? Franchise discovery days vary in …

What is a standard franchise agreement?

What is a Standard Franchise Agreement? A standard franchise agreement is a legal document drawn-up by a specialist franchise lawyer.  A franchise agreement details the legal responsibilities and obligations of both the franchisee and franchisor. A standard franchise agreement falls under one of two types. Standard franchise agreement allows an individual or individuals to trade …

How does a franchise work?

How does a franchise work? Many people wonder how does a franchise work, and indeed why franchise businesses achieve better prospects of success when compared to a new business start-up. When investing your hard earned cash into a franchise opportunity,the Franchisee becomes a licenced operator.  The franchisor and franchisee will make a legal agreement  for …

What are the best franchises to invest in?

What are the best franchises to invest in? If you are considering setting up your own business via franchising then you are probably asking yourself, what are the best franchises to invest in? You need to consider many factors when you consider which franchise is the best to buy for you including; How much do …

What is a franchise and is it right for me?

What is a franchise & is buying a franchise the right choice for me? Are you considering a career change and possibly self employment via franchising and wondering what franchising is and if buying a franchise is the right choice for you? Firstly you need to understand exactly what is a franchise and why businesses …

What are the best franchises for sale in the UK?

What are the best franchises for sale in the UK? So you are considering setting up your own business via a franchise opportunity and wondering what are the best franchises for sale in the UK? Many people would say the best franchises are the ones that make you the most profit but that’s simply not …

More franchises than ever to choose from in the UK


The franchise sector continues to evolve and diversify, creating new and exciting opportunities for enterprising individuals to own a business. The National Franchise Exhibition, on 5 & 6 October at Birmingham’s NEC, is the perfect opportunity to find out more. It’s a well-cited trend that British consumers are spending less on belongings and more on …

What is a franchise discovery day?

Franchise Discovery Day

Franchise discovery day Whether you’re buying into a large multinational brand or a fast-growing start up, investing in a franchise of any size is a big decision. As well as being confident that the products, services and business model offered by the brand are all viable, you need to ensure that you’ll receive enough support …

What are franchise disclosure documents?

Franchise Disclosure Documents

Franchise disclosure documents The franchisor/franchisee relationship is crucial to the success of any franchise agreement. Investors need to be happy with the help and support that they receive from the parent company and the franchise itself needs to know it can rely on its franchisees to work hard, build their company and help drive the …

Here’s why you should consider buying a courier franchise

Courier Franchise

Courier franchise costs & review It’s undeniable that people are writing fewer letters in this day and age, thanks to the proliferation of online methods for contacting friends, loved ones and even employees and other important individuals. Text, Messenger, video calls and social media all have a part to play in the decline of the …