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Many entrepreneurs are driven into their unconventional lifestyle by their need to socialise with other people. This need for human interaction drives them to create businesses where they can work with other people in order to earn a living. Still others are driven by the need for variety in their working day. In the case of van based franchises, there is the opportunity to satisfy both needs within one business.

Most van based franchises centre around the provision of good and services by driving around town selling a product or service. For example the water coolers that are very popular amongst office workers, and the ice crème trucks children run behind, are van-based franchises. They are mobile providing plenty of variety in the working day, and yet still provide a great deal of interaction with other people.

There is a range of great opportunities in the van based franchises sector with investment levels to fit every budget. Besides the low cost of investment van based franchises are popular because of their low operating overhead. This leaves a nice margin for the investor to make a return. Similar to other franchised sectors it is important that an entrepreneur choose a path within the van based franchise sector that they have an interested in. This is important for keeping the entrepreneur motivated.

Popular Van Based Franchises UK

There are a plethora of popular goods and services that can be operated as van based franchises. Some of the business sectors that can operate out of a van include:

  • Plumbing Van Based Franchises – For most small and medium sized plumbing franchises there is little to no need for a physical business location. Often all parts, inventory and tools can be stored within the van. In the case of larger plumbing franchises multiple vans can be deployed, allowing crews to go from their home directly to the work site.
  • Cleaning Van Based Franchises – When it comes to cleaning the reality is a building in need of cleaning cannot come to the cleaners. By the very nature of the job all cleaning franchises are largely van based, as all of the tools and equipment needed for the job need to be taken to each separate job site.</li>
  • Grocery Delivery Van Based Franchises – In the early days of grocery stores most people had their groceries delivered to their house. This was largely due to the fact the average consumer at the time did not own an automobile and therefore did not have a way to get their own groceries home. Today with the dawn of the Internet and online ordering grocery and food delivery is making a come back. Consumers can go online, choose what they want and have it arrive at their door within a reasonable time frame.<>/li>
  • Car Detailing Van Franchises– One of the hottest parts of the automotive sector is the car detailing business. Some entrepreneurs have started franchises designed to offer mobile detailing services to busy professionals. Instead of taking the car to get detailed, the detailers and cleaners come to the car and clean it in the driveway or parking garage.
  • Food S>ervices Franchises – Van based food service franchises are great ways to earn a consistent stream of revenue and ensure your business is always near the customers. Conventional brick and> mortar restaurants and food services locations on then> other hand cannot simply be moved to a new location to follow a customer.


What are the benefits of Van Franchises?

van-based-franchises1There are numerous benefits to owning van based franchises. Some of these benefits are:

  • Ease of business mobility – Unlike most businesses a van based franchise can be moved to a new location in the market changes. Should the local economy collapse all together the assets of the business can be driven to another jurisdiction with a better economy to operate or be sold.
  • Low Startup Cost – A van based franchises has a low cost of startup. This is owing to the fact that all that is needed is a used van and the equipment to go inside of it. Whereas equipping a shop is significantly more expensive.
  • Ease of Financing and Low Investment – Where vehicles have intrinsic value it is easy to get financing to purchase a vehicle for a van based franchise business. Beyond the cost of the vehicle the actual startup costs of most van based businesses are actually quite low.

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