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Van Based Franchises

We love our vans in the UK. Last year over 360,000 Light Commercial Vehicles ( LCV ) were sold in the UK. When considering a franchise many people think that van based franchises are merely courier franchises or delivery franchises but that's not the case.


Pro's and Con's of running a van based franchise opportunity in the UK?


There are many positives to running van based franchise in the UK so below we will list a few pro's and con's you could face while running your chosen franchise opportunity in our van based franchise category.

Pro's of a van based franchise

  • A huge positive of running a van based business is your ability to move around the whole country since its on road its not like running a shop where you are stuck in one place.
  • Another pro to running a van based franchise is you have the option to attend many popular gatherings from sometimes just a few hours drive and once you get their you are in your van so all you have to do is park and serve people and your ready to go. This is a great plus for anyone looking to run a mobile coffee shop franchise or a food van franchise.
  • Also van based franchises are a lot cheaper to maintain by services such as cleaning to make sure your territory is cleaned and since a van is very small compared to a shop its a lot cheaper to clean and decorate.


Con's of a van based franchise

  • A lot of money you make is invested in items such as fuel to keep your van based franchise a float.
  • Many people do prefer going to a restaurant other than a food van.
  • You have to drive around a lot so people with families would be much more interested in a home based franchise other than a van based since they have a lot of time away from their family.


Information around the van based franchise industry


Van franchises cover a huge amount of industry sectors including window cleaning, car repair franchises, catering & pub repair or servicing, pet related franchises, pest control, coffee, vending, signage, the list is endless.

So why opt for a van-based franchise? Not everyone is suited to work in a retail shop or office. Van franchises get you out and about, seeing new sites and meeting people face to face.

Far from being tedious many people love driving and the open road and these days vans have as many features & luxury options as cars have. We have great variety of van franchise opportunities in this section so browse & find your ideal franchise.

Would a van based franchise be right for you?


Van based franchises have become a very popular option to people in the UK. Mostly because the industry for fast food has grown massively but what about mobile food and mobile coffee shops since our day to day lives are very busy this is why the demand for these types of services have expanded massively over the previous years. If you have read the above and are not sure on whether investing in one of our mobile franchise opportunities would be right for you then we highly recommend you browse through our full franchise directory since Franchise UK offers over 1,000 different franchise opportunities that are currently for sale in the UK making us the largest UK franchise directory ever.