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Pet Franchises

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pet-franchises1Opening a pet franchises is a great low cost way for an entrepreneur to get established. In fact almost 50% of the households in the UK own pets, and the pet food business rang in receipts totaling 2.1 billion pounds in pure food sales. There are numerous pet franchises UK, selling everything from food to dog walking services all aimed at taking advantage of this lucrative market. The variety of choice coupled with a low startup cost makes the pet franchises industry one of the best business opportunities available.

In order to get into the pet industry an entrepreneur must themselves love animals. This is because most pet owners are crazy about their dog, cat, or even pet fish, and are willing to spend a large amount of money to make them happy. Including buying treats, food, and even stocking stuffers for holiday stockings. If these owners get the sense the entrepreneur does not take their pets as seriously as they do, they are unlikely to return to do further business.

Dog Walking Pet Franchises

Walking dogs might seem like a low margin business, best done by school children at the end of the day to make extra money. But this is largely a myth. Once you look at what owners are willing to pay to have their dog walked while they are at work, or for a group exercise class with them and their dogs, it becomes obvious this can be a big business.

In terms of dog walking pet franchises there are a few. Overall they tend to be quite inexpensive to acquire, with the only real startup costs for a dog walking business being, advertising and franchise fees. As a business, there are no fixed or variable costs to operation, making it a great lean business for someone that wants to make a great income without the stress of borrowing all kinds of money.

Boarding Pet Franchises

pet-franchises2Increasingly pet owners are becoming adverse to simply leaving town and having someone come to feed their dog or cat. These same owners also can not stand the idea that they would kennel their precious family member for the duration of their vacation, so they hire any number of pet boarding franchises business.

These pet stay businesses do one of two things. There are lighter services; these include several visits a day, feeding, watering, a walk and playtime. Then there are all-inclusive plans where someone from the pet stay business moves into their house with the dog, cat, or gerbil for the weekend. In this case the owner can be sure their pet and home are being looked after, providing for a stress free vacation.

Grooming Pet Franchises

Grooming and pet fashion services are becoming more and more popular all of the time. It used to be that many owners would do their own grooming and clipping, but the mess coupled with inexperience and stress to their furry friend, has led them to outsource this task to the experts.

These expert pet groomers have differentiated their services, not satisfied with merely providing a wash and hair cut, they have turned themselves into full service dog and cat makeover clinics. This includes selling a number of pet accessories like fancy collars, and embossed tags. They are also into providing bows for dogs hair, and selling a number of clothing options like booties for wet and cold days.

Food Pet Franchises UK

At 2.1 billion, the pet food industry is on its own one of the largest segments of the pet industry. Considering that 25% of household pets are dogs, and 19% are cats, there are tens of millions of animals, or the equivalent of a small country to keep fed and nourished.

As a business, selling pet food is a great way to earn a stable income. With the average life of a dog or cat being in the range of 10+ years, it is safe to say their owners will be back on a weekly basis to purchase more food. It is also an evolving business, with veterinarians putting different animals on a variety of specialised diets that require special high-end pet food. Interestingly these dietary trends somewhat mirror the human dietary providing high protein food, and gluten free food.

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