Health & Beauty Franchises

Health & Beauty Franchises

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Health Franchises UK & Beauty Franchises for sale in the UK

health-franchises1The health and beauty industry is one of the most diverse sectors of the economy, and is an area full of business opportunities. Many of the businesses in this sector are full of great opportunities and large margins where you can earn a great return on your investment. As an industry the health and beauty sector accounts for billions of dollars worth of retail sales on an annualized basis, making it as highly competitive as it is lucrative. There are also many health franchises UK & beauty franchises for sale in the UK.

Within health and beauty most entrepreneurs will find at least one business or product they passionate about. This is key because it is very difficult to succeed in a business that you do not have a strong attachment to. There are physical fitness training products and programs, environmentally friendly products, organic products, and cosmetics business opportunities available to choose from.

Health Franchises UK

Health franchises are a broad category of franchises. There are numerous business opportunities within the sub sector. One of the most popular types of franchise within the health franchises sector would be fitness centres and fitness training franchises. As businesses they both offer cost effective and stable means to start a business that generates a good return.

The second category of health products franchises is one to do a great deal of extra due diligence on. Health food franchises are a sector where a lot of money can be made, but also a sector where a lot of fraud takes place. It is important to ensure you ask the right questions before getting into a health food products business. This includes asking to see the paperwork verifying any and all health claims the product makes in its marketing.

Beauty Franchises UK

beauty-franchises1The beauty franchises industry is a segment of one of the highest margin sectors on the planet. Many of the products used in beauty, like perfumes and makeup cost pennies to produce and sell for a markup of several thousand percent.

This is a great business to get into as a complementary line to an esthetics business or a hair dressing business. Both of these offer the opportunity to up sell customers by providing them with a service, and selling them a product. A savvy entrepreneur can turn himself or herself into the next wealthy barber.

Organic Products Franchises

Amongst the Health and Beauty category organic products are currently one of the hottest trends. Everyone it seems is concerned about what they are eating and where the food comes from. This has led to a great opportunity for companies who have offerings including foods and beverages that have been grown and processed in a sustainable manor. These products also command a sizable markup in the marketplace, making them a great franchise business opportunity.

Health & Beauty Franchises Investment and Margins

Entrepreneurs purchasing Health franchises and Beauty franchises will end up spending anywhere between a few hundred pounds and a few hundred thousand pounds on their new business venture. This makes it a good sector for someone with a lot of capital to gain a good return on investment in, and a great sector to start in if you have no money to invest.

Due to the large number of players in the market due diligence is extremely important. While this is the case with any business, it is even more important in a competitive industry because there is absolutely no room for error or mistakes. The key questions to ask are:

  • What is the product or service? – This is important, because some businesses in this category mascaraed as health franchises or beauty franchises. They are not; instead they are selling business opportunities and systems. The later is especially common in cosmetics and beauty products.
  • Is this a Business Opportunity or a Health & Beauty Franchise? – Business opportunities cost a lot less. They can also be differentiated from a franchise by asking if business is carried out in the corporate name or your own name. If it is the later then it is a multi level marketing business opportunity and not a franchise.
  • Has the product been tested for its claims? – Has the product has been independently tested to verify its efficacy. If the product has not been tested this would be a major red flag, the company has not done all of its homework, and is creating risk for its franchisees and brand.

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