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print-franchises1The signage business is as old as business itself, having been used since the first ancient businesses to tell customers and clients what they could find inside a cart, store or shop. While it might be one of the oldest businesses it has changed and innovated greatly over the years since, with the advent of neon, electronic, and computerized signage. print franchises and sign franchises can offer a unqiue opportunity for franchise seekers.

Printing is only a slightly less ancient art. In fact the invention of mass printing presses forever changed the world. It in an instant provided the ability to government and other influencers to circulate their information to the public quickly and on a large-scale basis. Similar to signage it has gone through a technological revolution in recent years, with the advent of desktop printers, and new high definition colour commercial printing equipment.

In each case the age of the sector might give would be entrepreneurs pause. Are both of these sectors not on their deathbed? Is the art of printing being ushered out by the PDF and the modern digital environment?

The answer to both of these questions might be a surprise; in fact both sectors are growing. In each case their growth rates are over 10% per year, or 5X this years economic growth forecast. This growth is forecast to continue within the sector.

Print Franchises & Sign Franchises – Franchise Sector Advantages

Print franchises and sign franchises businesses are a great opportunity for business people looking to build a great business. The reason for this is they follow the first golden rule of making money in business; both are high cash flow, and produce products with limited shelf life. These two factors ensure lots of repeat business, and customer loyalty.

  • Tried and Tested – As far as franchised businesses go there is nothing more tried and tested than the printing and signage sector. In each case, the businesses have existed for literally centuries, and the benefits to customers are obvious.
  • Always In Demand – Regardless of the state of the economy entrepreneurs will always try to open businesses, signs will need to be replaced, and government and corporate reports will need to be printed. In fact in the case of a recession a printer might actually do better as printing is outsourced to save money.
  • Easy to learn & Start Up – Anyone who is thinking about opening a business can immediately see the value proposition in the products produced by printers and signage companies. Further they are easy to start up with most equipment being available for rent from the larger companies. In terms of operation and training a minimal amount is required because a standard desktop computer runs most of the equipment.
  • Growing – Print Especially – Both sign franchises and print franchises are growing faster than the rate of the general economy. Historically one of the best ways to earn a great return on investment, and have a business generate a lot of cash flow was to make sure you invested in an industry that was growing faster than the economy. In the case of the print business it is forecast to grow over 10% in the current year.
  • Investment – The level of investment required for starting a printing franchise or signage franchise business, and the structure of the industry means there is a great opportunity to earn outsized returns relative to the size of the investment. Generally speaking the investment in a printing and signage business is between £15,000 and £40,000 depending on the amount of equipment and the franchisor chosen. The good news is this can often be mitigated by equipment rentals.

Print Franchises & Sign Franchises – Innovation The Key

  • printing-franchises1Innovation in Signage – There has been a great deal of innovation in the signage franchise sector over the last two decades. Much of this centres around using computerised signs run with LCD screens that can be adapted and made to change in real time. Signage franchises businesses increasingly focus as much on programming digital signs, as they do on traditional forms of signage. While this represents a shift in the business model, it also represents an opportunity to build a larger customer base. LCD signage is unlikely to be a great option for businesses that do not frequently change signs.
  • Innovation In Printing – The printing and design franchise business has seen a great amount of innovation in both method and tools used over the past few decades. The inks used have become better, and the equipment is faster and better able to print high-resolution images. Paper quality has also improved with heavier paper types being available to produce higher quality documents.

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