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Print & Sign Franchises

The printing and sign industry is worth over £13bn to the UK economy & print & sign franchises have been around a long time. Despite of the internet businesses need print & sign to promote their products & services.

Printing & sign businesses provide the basics such as business cards, flyers & brochures but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The industry prints & wraps vehicles, provides large screen printed signage for display & other purposes. Personalised corporate gifts and promotional items are also extremely popular. These range from personalised corporate clothing to even chocolate & candy bars printed with your logo, brand or message. If you have ever attended a large exhibition or trade expo you would have seen the huge array of goods that the printing & signage industry provides.

Fun facts around the printing industry.

We will now share some interesting facts collected in the UK around the leaflet industry in the previous years. Hopefully these statistics and facts will inspire people to run their own print & sign franchise.

Statistics around the UK leaflet industry.

  • 59% of people in the UK visit the website of the leaflet after receiving it in the mail.
  • It has been found that 67% are more encouraged to make a purchase with the company after receiving a leaflet through the mail in the UK.
  • According to the DMA only 26% of people in the UK throw away leaflets before reading them.

What do these statistics show?

Overall these statistics show a good response from leaflet marketing even in the modern times we are in now. It just shows even today some of the older sales methods are still thriving in the new tech driven economy.

What are you waiting for?

Print & sign franchises for sale have for many years been at the forefront of the industry & leading innovation of new gifts & products and these businesses have shown strong long term stability. These businesses sometimes require a franchisee to operate a retail operation, delivering services and other are more online with franchisees focusing more on sales & business development. You will find as wide choice of print & sign franchise opportunities here, find you ideal franchise today.