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Travel & Leisure Franchises

The travel & leisure industry is worth over £115bn to the UK economy and covers a diverse range of hospitality & other business types. Travel & leisure franchises are as equally diverse and have grown in this huge business sector.

The travel & leisure industry includes hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars & coffee shops but the travel industry alone is a huge sector. The travel industry in the UK was worth around £39 billion last year & that's just holidays us Brits had abroad so the sector is huge. This has given rise to travel agency franchises, entertainment franchises & more general travel & tourism franchises and as we spend more on travel & our leisure this is set to grow.

Cruise franchise opportunities are also in exceeding demand. Many elderly people and families alike are opting for cruise holidays not because of their beautiful sights and excellent package deals but because the latest ships now have a wide range of onboard facilities and entertainment. Cruise franchises are becoming not just incredibly popular but also incredibly lucrative too. Find your ideal travel and tourism franchise at Franchise UK.

Statistics around the travel industry.

Now if you are still unsure around pursuing a future career in the travel & leisure franchise industry we will now list some more statistics around the whole travel sector in the UK. To show the potential customer base and business potential of investing in a travel franchise opportunity in the UK.

Did you know?

  • Since 2010 the travel industry has been the fastest growing sector in the UK.
  • Britain has a forecast of having a travel industry worth £257 billion in 2025.
  • Back in 2013 the travel industry provided 3.1 million jobs in the UK alone.
  • In 2018 37.9 million tourists visited the UK.
  • £22.5 billion was spent by overseas travellers in the UK in 2016.
  • Inbound tourism is set to grow from £21 billion in 2013 to £57 billion by 2025.

What do these statistics show for the travel industry in the UK?

These statistics show that the UK's travel industry is constantly showing growth yearly. Which helps the UK economy by providing jobs and also helps travel business owners from the increase of tourism volumes to the UK. So if you are looking to buy a travel franchise these statistics have gave you some inspiration on your future career path and how much can be achieved in this sector.

Thanks for reading.

We have a great range of travel & leisure franchise opportunities in this section, browse & find your ideal franchise. Also if travel franchises are not for you or are looking to a different career path. We highly recommend you browse through our franchise directory offering over 1,000 franchises for sale currently in the UK.