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The retail sector is one of the most diverse and competitive sectors that an entrepreneur can choose to start a business in. It is also one of the largest sectors in the entire economy accounting for 20% of the GDP of the United Kingdom last year. As a sector retail franchises fortunes are therefore closely tied to the overall health of the economy. Though it is still anticipated to outpace general economic growth as consumers increase spending faster than the rate of the increase in their incomes.

In a sector as competitive as the retail sector having a franchisor as a partner and going into business under their trade name is a huge advantage. With the cost of overhead in opening a physical retail store, and ordering inventory it is important that every entrepreneur getting into the sector do all of their due diligence. This is where a good franchisor can help the entrepreneur to do good local due diligence, train them, and ensure they are ready to open their new retail franchises business.

Retail Franchises Investment

There is no typical amount of investment in the retail franchises sector. This is because the sector is so large and encompasses so many different businesses that there are opportunities requiring very small investments, and investments of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

This divergence in investment means two things. The first is retail franchises are a great business sector for someone with very little capital to be able to find a great new business opportunity. Second, it is a great sector to be able to find a product or service offering that you are passionate about.

Retail Franchises UK – Great Investment Opportunities

retail-franchises2Within retail there are many different areas of investment that are great franchise investment opportunities. These areas of retail are growing faster than average, and provide the opportunity to get into business at a level of investment that will provide a great return.

  • Fitness and Health Retail Franchises– Products in the fitness and health category are benefiting from a surge in consumer awareness surrounding weight, healthy eating, and exercise. These franchises provide the opportunity to tap into this growing sector with a range of products, services and a host of different levels of investment. One pre requisite for any entrepreneur looking to enter this retail sector is they themselves must be ready to at least publicly live the lifestyle they are selling. If they are not, then it will almost certainly negatively impact sales.
  • Child Focused Retail Franchises– Franchises in the children centric marketplace, are currently booming. This is because there is an increasing trend towards having fewer children, and instead opting to spend more money on each child. The businesses and franchise opportunities that have sprung up because of this range from party planning for children, to customised merchandise and products for each child. Basically any product adults would consumer is now available in a child size, and although it costs a lot less to manufacture, the difference in retail price is not large.
  • Pet Related Retail Franchises– The Franchise UK site has a whole section on this area of retail, but in a brief summary, it is an area of immense opportunity. Increasingly pet owners are viewing their animals as members of their own family, and consequently spending more money on their pets than they historically would have. This is taking the form of buying specialty pet foods, more medications, and even building them elaborate homes. Many owners also cannot bear to leave their furry friends at home alone all day, so they take them to day care, or hire a walker to come by and keep them busy for a few hours.
  • High End Furnishings Retail Franchises – There are many new producers of high-end furnishings that have opted to franchise their businesses and provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest. The high-end furniture market is high margin businesses with a large range of opportunity to satisfy customers every need. Many products are available to be customised, and new manufacturer easy payment plans means they can buy new furnishings even if they cannot afford to.
  • Consumables Retail Franchises – New trends in the consumables market, like E-cigarettes have created a brand new market opportunity for those looking to get into the retail sector. As a business consumables is a great business because all of the products have a set shelf life. Once this life is reached the consumer returns to your business or shop to purchase the product again.

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