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Home Improvement Franchises

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There is a certain romance surrounding the home improvement franchises UK and home decorating franchise business opportunities. It is a highly desirable business to enter for a variety of reasons. First there is the thrill of a project, taking something old and run down and making it brand new again. The second is there is a lot of money to be made in the home improvement franchises UK sector, as people spend a lot of money on their homes.

In terms of investment the home improvement franchises area has a range of franchise investment opportunities to suit every budget. Many home improvement franchises require minimal investment because they do not require a storefront. Home renovation businesses do have to purchase a suitable vehicle and tools for doing their jobs, making their startup costs higher than simply home decorating. Typically home renovation businesses run £15,000 to £25,000 to start, while home decorating businesses start at zero pounds plus royalty and go up to £30,000+.

Home Decorating Franchises UK

Starting a home decorating franchise is a great way for a creative person to home-improvement-franchises2express their creativity through design. A great home decorator can earn a great return on their business investment, as rates are largely dependent on popularity. The more popular you become as a home decorator the more you get to charge.

Opportunities to start a home decorating business are plentiful with many areas to focus on including:

  • Kitchen Makeovers – It has often been said the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is also the room that makes the biggest impact on the sale or rental price of a property. A simple kitchen makeover can add thousands of pounds in value to a home over night. These projects are also rewarding because they generally last 4 to 6 weeks and then you move on to the next kitchen.
  • Window Coverings – The window dressing business is highly lucrative. It is not uncommon for people to spend thousands on drapery and blinds, and in a city blinds are simply a must have if you do not want your personal life on display to the neighborhood. Best of all there is no inventory to carry because most blinds are custom ordered for the windows they will go in. This means you get paid, and then deliver the product.
  • Redecorating & Furnishings – Increasingly redecorating and furnishings has gone from something people do for themselves, to something estate agents do to sell a home. There is a lot of money to be made by coming in and quickly redecorating a drab house to make it scream, “This is a home!” It can also be a lucrative business helping professionals and other busy individuals who do not have time to think about their own decorating choices.
  • Cleaning – There are numerous opportunities to buy or start a cleaning franchise. The cleaning franchises with the best return on investment are the ones that specialise in an area of cleaning. For example heating and ventilation.

Home Improvement Franchises UK

The home improvement franchises sector in the UK is ripe with opportunity for an individual who loves hard work and is great with tools. There are a great number of franchised home renovation businesses to get into. Some areas of business focus include:

  • Handy man franchises– For anyone who likes to do work themselves, and complete projects, then handy services make a good business. All of the jobs are relatively small providing variety. The most time spent on a single job site is a day. It is a great business opportunity because a good handy man that can fix small problems is really hard to come by these days.
  • Construction franchises – Project construction is a great business to get into. In terms of home improvement it means going into a home for several weeks and removing or adding rooms. There is nothing more satisfying than making a choppy outdated home new and beautiful again.
  • Cleaning franchises– Industrial cleaning businesses are a great way to earn a return. The low cost of investment for buying the equipment necessary to do outdoor pressure washing, or HVAC maintenance is rather low. This means the cost of startup is mostly just time.

Type of Person Best Suited For Home Improvement Franchises UK

In terms of who should consider buying a home improvement franchises UK there are a few key factors to consider. The individual entrepreneur almost certainly needs to be a creative person. This will allow them to create a vision for improving the home space. They also have to be hard working, and a great problem solver ready to learn new skills and tricks. It is reality that you never know as a home improvement professional the surprises that wait in a house once you start tearing down walls.

Other types of home improvement franchises

  • Architect franchises
  • Home renovation franchises
  • Kitchen renovation franchises
  • Bathroom renovation franchises

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