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Pest Control Franchises

Pests are a nuisance faced by rich and poor, old and young alike. The term refers to common insects and small animals that inhabit households and buildings, along with people, and carry germs and diseases of all kinds. They are very difficult to get rid of. The notorious plague which wiped out half the population of London was spread by rats, which are one of the most dangerous pests found in houses, hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings and offices. Some other pests that live among us are roaches, spiders, mice, termites, fire ants, snakes, silverfish and other creepy crawlies.

Since these annoying creatures are dangerous and so hard to get rid of, people usually hire professional help to get rid of them. And unfortunately, pests are found in most of the houses and buildings in the UK. They are controlled to some extent with the help of the pest control services. This is why the pest control business is always booming in the UK. People will never want to cook in a kitchen infested with cockroaches, or go down to basement with scurrying rats around. The pest control service includes professionals who eradicate these nuisances and make sure your household is safe. These businesses are the requirement of every household, so the more resources they have, the better their reach will be, and the more customers they would be able to cater to. This is why some of these businesses are applying franchise models to expand their business. Many people would want to invest in this business as building a client base for this business is very easy. Word of mouth is enough advertising for this business. And the brands that are selling their franchises already have their loyal clients.

ORKIN pest control franchise UK is a well-known name in this industry and now you can become a part of this chain. With an initial investment of £75,000, you can get on board with the company, who have a very efficient franchise model. External financing is also available in case the investor does not have enough cash in hand. By becoming a part of this company, the franchisee will get access to their policies and guidelines on how to run the business successfully.

Another trusted name in this industry is Whelan pest control who is offering their pest control franchise UK for an investment of £16,995. They were founded more than 15 years ago and function across UK. They have brilliant offers for the franchisees, for example, the lease of the van for the first 5 years would be paid off by the parent company, just to support the new owner. The new owners would be trained well in the art of pest control. Yet another pest control franchise opportunity for investors is The Pest Company. This is a company which has over 20 years of experience in the field, and a dazzling brand identity. The client base of this company is very strong, and the franchisee will benefit from this instantly. The turnover promised by the company is very handsome. The constant support and help the investor will get from the parent company will be enough to make it a success.

It is not necessary that the investment made in the pest control franchise opportunity is very high. As we have seen, some of the big names are offering their franchises at an affordable rate. So, this industry proves to be a lucrative one for investors.