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Food Franchises

Are you looking to invest in a food franchise in the UK? If so, we are certain at Franchise UK we have more than enough food franchises for sale to cover all your needs. We currently provide over 120 food franchise opportunities in the UK, which are currently up for grabs.

What fields do we offer in the food industry?

At Franchise UK, we believe diversity is significant. This is why we offer many different choices of field in the food franchises industry all the way from takeaway delivery food franchises to restaurant food franchises which are currently for sale.

Statistics around the food industry

We will now list some statistics around the food industry which have been collected recently across the UK. We hope these statistics can help anyone thinking of pursuing a food franchise opportunity for sale in the UK since when making any business decision, you need to perform basic market research; otherwise, you will not know what industry you are entering.

  • According to Ibisworld, the restaurant industry in the UK has a total market size of £23 billion 
  • There are currently over 43,000 restaurant businesses currently operating in the UK, according to Ibisworld.
  • Also, the restaurant industry is not just good for people looking to run their own business. It is also good for the economy and local communities since, according to Ibisworld, the total full-service restaurant employment in the UK has employed over 570,000 people.
  • A recent survey by the Food Standards Agency indicates that 42% of households with children eat out at a fast food outlet at least once per month (FSA, 2019), and the number of takeaway outlets increased by 34% between 2010 and 2018, with an estimated 37,000 dedicated takeaway outlets now in the UK (BBC News, 2018).
  • The pub industry in the United Kingdom had a total estimated turnover of over 22 billion British pounds. Managed, branded, and franchised pubs generate the highest revenue, compared to independent, tenanted, and leased premises. The UK pub industry is forecast to grow in value by 2021.

What do these statistics show for the food industry?

Overall these statistics show the restaurant industry is thriving in the UK from the number of establishments that are currently open, offering restaurant services to the job opportunities it provides across the whole of the UK and to local communities. Also, the industry size is massive around the restaurant industry and has hit the largest market size it has ever seen. If you have seen the statistics above and are still unsure of whether a food franchise would be right for you, then your best bet would be having a browse through our full franchise directory, offering over 1,000 different franchises for sale.

Where to find more information about the food industry in the UK?

If you are still thinking about running your own food franchise but are not sure you have done enough market research around the industry. We recommend for you to have a read through our blog. Which gives information around a wide variety of different industries of articles varying from franchising success stories, market research even tips on how to run a franchise in the UK. This is good for anyone new to franchising who is looking to run their own business.

How to choose the right food franchise for you

Franchise businesses are a fantastic opportunity to run a business based on an already successful, replicable business model. There are many food franchise opportunities available, from kebab franchises and burger franchises to fast-food franchises and restaurant franchises. If you are considering embarking upon a food franchise for sale, we have outlined below some of the things to consider to help you to choose the right food franchise for you:

What are your franchise goals?

When assessing your franchise opportunities, have a clear idea of what you would like to achieve from a franchise business. For example, how much time would you like to dedicate to it? Will it be a full-time job, or would you like it to work part-time around another job or lifestyle? Being honest with yourself about what you want and need from the franchise for you to consider it a success will have a significant impact on your future happiness.

What is your budget?

Food franchise businesses, like all franchises, require an investment of money as well as time. When working out your budget, keep in mind that businesses very rarely turn a profit straight away; therefore, you must be able to cover all of your costs, leaving you with enough money to live on. There are low-cost food franchises for sale, so do not be scared to be really honest with yourself about how much money you can afford to invest.


Is there a suitable food franchise business for sale in your geographical location? Browse the best food franchises for sale on a franchise directory and check if there are food franchise businesses available in your area that compliment your values. For example, if you are passionate about vegan food, then meat-based food franchises will not be suitable for you. It might be better to hunt for the perfect vegan food franchise.


Location is crucial for the success of your business. Too many competitors and you may only reach a certain market share. One of the benefits of franchising is that usually, the franchisor will only allow one franchise in each geographical location. After identifying a suitable food franchise opportunity in your preferred location, you then need to do your market research to find out if there is high enough demand for it.

Personal preference

When you are thinking about running a food franchise, personal preference will often dictate whether you opt for running a high-end profitable restaurant, one of the budget food franchises, or a takeaway franchise.

Restaurant franchise

Running a profitable restaurant business can be challenging as consumers have a lot of options to choose from. Selecting one of the popular restaurant franchises allows you to compete against big businesses with the support of the franchisor and other franchisees in your network.


Understanding the foodservice industry is very important if you are considering opening one of the top restaurant franchises. The expected service levels differ greatly between cheap food franchises and top food franchises. For your business to be a success, relevant experience and knowledge will be a big advantage.

Takeaway franchise

Takeaway food options are incredibly popular. Although there is high consumer demand for takeaway services, the Coronavirus pandemic led to a lot of sit-in restaurants adapting their offering in order to keep their businesses afloat. This has meant that the takeaway market is heavily flooded with options. Starting your business as a takeaway franchise will allow you to enter the market with a tried and tested business model, business support, and often marketing from your franchisor. Making you much more likely to succeed.

Can you deliver?

If you are considering a food delivery franchise opportunity, before you browse the best food delivery franchises for sale think about the logistics of it, such as transport routes in the area that you would like to set up your franchise. If traffic is always heavy or there are limited carriageways, can you deliver food on time? Will the food be delivered by car or bike? Is the franchise location accessible for cars or bikes?

Van-based food franchise opportunities

The return of events following the easing of social restrictions, and the increasing popularity of street food has led to increased demand for mobile food offerings. Mobile restaurant franchises, food van franchises, food trailer franchises, etc are in turn growing in popularity as types of available food franchise businesses. Some of the benefits of this type of food franchisee are that you will have lower overheads and flexibility of working location.

Do you have an exit plan?

Your goal is to succeed; however, it is a good idea to have an exit strategy prepared in case things don’t go to plan. Before you decide upon a food franchise to buy, find out how many years you are contracted to, if you can sell your franchise, what the renewal terms are, and so on.

Best Types of Food Businesses For Sale

If you want to start your own food business, you need to figure out which kind of food business to start. There are many options out there, and some will be more lucrative than others depending on your requirements and skill set. To help guide you through the process, here are the most popular types of food businesses for sale in the UK today. Whether you’re looking for pizza restaurants for sale or bakeries for sale, these businesses can all be great opportunities if you do your research before investing.

Benefits of buying a food business for sale

There are many benefits to buying an existing food business for sale. The biggest is that it's generally a lot easier to get a return on your investment when you buy something that already exists and has a customer base than if you have to start up from scratch and build your customer base from nothing. There are two main reasons for this: market saturation and economies of scale. We'll go into greater detail on these below, but first let's talk about some other benefits. You can probably buy an existing business for less money than it would cost to start one from scratch, so if you're cash-strapped or just want more leverage, buying existing food businesses for sale can be a very attractive option.

Most popular types of food business opportunities in the UK

From fish and chips to Indian food businesses for sale, there are a range of different food business opportunities to choose from depending on what would be best for you and fit your needs. If you’re thinking about buying your own food business below we list the three most popular industries to invest in. This list should help you make a decision if buying a food business opportunity would be a good career move for you.

1) Restaurant businesses for sale

Restaurants for sale are among the most popular types of food businesses for sale. Establishments that specialize in serving food are often attractive to prospective owners, who want to share their passion with others or want a different type of ownership structure. They can range from fine dining restaurants for sale in prestigious locations to fast-food businesses for sale, and even cafes for sale. Be aware that all kinds of restaurants for sale may have different licensing requirements depending on location, so you will need to look into them before buying a franchise business.

2) Takeaway businesses for sale

With a takeaway business for sale, you get access to a large customer base of all ages but fast-food mostly attracts young people which are a huge potential customer base so you get access to a large customer base as soon as you open with a fast-food business for sale. Takeaways for sale can be an affordable way for you to enter the booming fast-food market with an existing business that’s already established and a known brand also the existing business might even be popular locally its best to research and find out the businesses reputation before making any investment this research is crucial since when buying a business you want customers as soon as possible.

3) Catering businesses for sale

Most catering businesses for sale are service-oriented, meaning that customers hire a company to deliver food and drinks at an event such as a wedding or children's party etc. In many cases, catering businesses offer specialized menus designed to accommodate specific dietary restrictions or needs. The most common types of catering businesses are events and business services (specializing in small meetings), but there are also markets such as vending and micro markets as well as mobile food trucks and carts.

Browse our list of food franchise opportunities today

If you’re interested in running your own food franchise business, browse our list of food franchises today. If you think owning your own franchise business sounds exciting but aren’t sure where to start, use our blog as a resource at Franchise UK we have over 1,000+ articles of information providing everything you need to know about franchising before considering making any investment.

What are you waiting for?

If you think a food franchise would be right for you, why not browse the food franchise opportunities above? If you are unsure of whether buying a food franchise would be right for you, but you are looking to run your own business by investing in a franchise, why not browse our whole franchise directory. Which offers over 1,000 total franchise opportunities in over 30 different industries.