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Food Franchises

Are you looking to invest in a food franchise in the UK? If so, we are certain at Franchise UK we have more than enough food franchises for sale to cover all your needs. We currently provide over 120 food franchise opportunities in the UK, which are currently up for grabs.

What fields do we offer in the food industry?


At Franchise UK, we believe diversity is significant. This is why we offer many different choices of field in the food franchises industry all the way from takeaway delivery food franchises to restaurant food franchises which are currently for sale.

Statistics around the food industry


We will now list some statistics around the food industry which have been collected recently across the UK. We hope these statistics can help anyone thinking of pursuing a food franchise opportunity for sale in the UK since when making any business decision, you need to perform basic market research; otherwise, you will not know what industry you are entering.

  • According to Ibisworld, the restaurant industry in the UK has a total market size of £23 billion 
  • There are currently over 43,000 restaurant businesses currently operating in the UK, according to Ibisworld.
  • Also, the restaurant industry is not just good for people looking to run their own business. It is also good for the economy and local communities since, according to Ibisworld, the total full-service restaurant employment in the UK has employed over 570,000 people.
  • A recent survey by the Food Standards Agency indicates that 42% of households with children eat out at a fast food outlet at least once per month (FSA, 2019), and the number of takeaway outlets increased by 34% between 2010 and 2018, with an estimated 37,000 dedicated takeaway outlets now in the UK (BBC News, 2018).
  • The pub industry in the United Kingdom had a total estimated turnover of over 22 billion British pounds. Managed, branded, and franchised pubs generate the highest revenue, compared to independent, tenanted, and leased premises. The UK pub industry is forecast to grow in value by 2021.


What do these statistics show for the food industry?


Overall these statistics show the restaurant industry is thriving in the UK from the number of establishments that are currently open, offering restaurant services to the job opportunities it provides across the whole of the UK and to local communities. Also, the industry size is massive around the restaurant industry and has hit the largest market size it has ever seen. If you have seen the statistics above and are still unsure of whether a food franchise would be right for you, then your best bet would be having a browse through our full franchise directory, offering over 1,000 different franchises for sale.

Where to find more information about the food industry in the UK?


If you are still thinking about running your own food franchise but are not sure you have done enough market research around the industry. We recommend for you to have a read through our blog. Which gives information around a wide variety of different industries of articles varying from franchising success stories, market research even tips on how to run a franchise in the UK. This is good for anyone new to franchising who is looking to run their own business.

What are you waiting for?


If you think a food franchise would be right for you, why not browse the food franchise opportunities above? If you are unsure of whether buying a food franchise would be right for you, but you are looking to run your own business by investing in a franchise, why not browse our whole franchise directory. Which offers over 1,000 total franchise opportunities in over 30 different industries.