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recruitment-franchises1One of the most important factors in the success or failure of a business organisation is the quality of the staffing within the business. Skilled and competent employees are often very difficult to come by, and finding the right individual to fit the job is nearly impossible, this makes a great opportunity to develop a successful business via recruitment franchises UK. This is why each year companies spend an average of £27 billion on recruitment and placement services. These external service providers are experts in recruiting, hiring, and retaining top talent for businesses and other large organisations. In the past year, the industry as a whole placed almost 1.5 million people in positions with employers across the United Kingdom, a great opportunity and well worth consider recruitment franchises for sale UK.

For an entrepreneur with a human resources background, the recruitment and staffing services industry is not one to be overlooked when choosing a business to start. Recruitment franchises provide a great business opportunity for these skilled individuals. The recruitment franchises opportunity is great because the business requires a high skill level, has a low cost of investment, and provides an opportunity to tap into a multi billion pound industry.

Overall investment required for recruitment franchises is between £1000 and £40,000 depending on the franchise, and the audience targeted. It also depends on if the franchisee and franchisor are opting to run the location out of the franchisee’s home or out of an office. If the choice is the later, then the cost of startup will be closer to the forty thousand pound mark.

Recruitment Franchises in the UK

Within the recruitment franchises industry there are a number of different specialised opportunities available. Each type of recruiting firm specialises in finding candidates for different industries, occupations, and skill levels. As of last year almost 85% of firms in the United Kingdom were utilising the services of a recruitment agency to meet their staffing needs.
recruitment-franchises2Depending on the type of recruitment franchise the entrepreneur chooses to buy, a background in human resources from the particular industry of focus might be useful. This is to understand the key industry terminology, certifications, and typical roles and responsibilities.

  • Short Term Placements Franchises – Short-term recruitment agencies help companies, organisations, and governments fill their immediate staffing needs. Generally these agencies are constantly recruiting new candidates that could fill a particular type of skilled job. This is done so that when a client calls the agency is able to provide a list of names, and arrange interviews with individuals that are qualified to fill the position within the week. Clients turn to these short-term placement services because they have an immediate need to fill the position, either because the incumbent has fallen ill, died, or quit. Therefore the value in a short-term recruiter is their ability to supply organisations with the right labour as soon as they need it.
  • White Collar – White-collar recruitment franchises, or in some cases executive recruitment is very different than short-term recruitment. In this business it is about working with clients to find the right specialised executive or manager for a particular role within an organisation. Often, the company or business hiring the recruiter is not in desperate need of a candidate, as they can often manage temporarily by using other executives and lower level managers to fill in while they search. Commissions to the recruitment franchisee in this particular sector are generally equal to an entire years salary for the selected candidate. Most companies, even ones that recruit their own short-term temporary employees, generally use a search firm to do their executive and managerial searching.
  • Health Care Professionals – The health care sector franchises is an industry that requires a plethora of highly skilled individuals in order to staff a hospital or a clinic. Because of this complexity, the diversity of the skillsets, and the rarity of particular medical and clinical specialties, recruitment agencies are often engaged to search the country, and the world for suitable candidates. Generally a health care recruitment agency will require a principle consultant with some experience in the health care sector, as knowledge of the different positions and skillsets is a necessary asset.
  • Blue Collar/Trade Skills franchises – Increasingly companies are outsourcing their human resources search for skilled trades and blue-collar workers. Many of these professions are in high demand with a shortage of individuals with the necessary skills training to do the job. Increasingly this has been the case in transportation such as trucking, electrical work, and plumbing.

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