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Cleaning Franchises

The UK has over 27 million households & over 5 million businesses, that's a lot of cleaning, which is why the cleaning industry has been so robust over the years and why cleaning franchises have been extremely successful.

Domestic cleaning has been on the rise as the UK population continues to get older and more people wish to remain in their homes and even release equity to achieve this. This gives them the need and finances to use a local domestic cleaning franchise, and this trend is set to continue.

With over 5 million UK businesses, the commercial cleaning sector is also very buoyant, and commercial cleaning franchise opportunities have grown over the last 10 years.

How to choose the right cleaning franchise for you

While many businesses bear the brunt of the Coronavirus pandemic, the cleaning industry proves to be suited to the crisis as it has seen an uptick in demand. Professional cleaning services that sanitise homes, hospitals, and commercial buildings have seen unreasonably good business lately. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you that many people are looking at buying a cleaning franchise. Now, considering there are several cleaning franchises to buy on the market, choosing the right one for you can be daunting. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when making your choice.

Conduct in-depth market research

One of the first things successful entrepreneurs do when starting a new business is to perform thorough market research. Statistically, roughly 20% of small businesses fail in the first year, and failure to understand the market is one of the common reasons why businesses close their doors. You need actual data on your target consumers, market trends, existing competitors, expected demand, and more. For example, without information on the latest industry trends, you may not predict things that are to come in the future for your industry. Skipping the market research step can lead to inaction, indecision, too many options, fear of risk, thus leading to paralysis.

Have a full sense of the costs involved

Knowing what you can afford is key to choosing the appropriate franchise for you. The upfront cost varies widely, from a few thousand pounds to hundreds of thousands. Use a franchise directory to help narrow down your options based on your budget and industry. You can find detailed information on investment costs on our website when browsing our cleaning franchises for sale, so if you are looking for a profitable cleaning franchise on a budget, why not browse our low-cost cleaning franchises for the best budget cleaning franchise businesses. Alternatively, you can email the company to supply details regarding the costs, qualifications, and other requirements. Be realistic when setting up your budget. Like any other business, a franchise doesn’t become profitable overnight. So make sure you have another income stream or extra money to survive while you build the business.

The company’s reputation and brand

Brand should also be a determining factor in which cleaning franchise opportunity you choose. When you buy a franchise, you purchase the use of the brand identity. If the name is unknown, that waters down the franchise's value. However, a famous brand that has already built trust with customers is much easier to market. It also makes it easier for you to qualify for a business loan. Lenders are usually unwilling to bet on unknown brands. While a well-known brand has advantages, it may cost more upfront.

Are you looking to buy a cleaning franchise opportunity on a budget?

If a franchise fails, your entire investment will also go down the drain. If you don’t want to take the gamble and potentially receive nothing, consider an established, reputable company with low returns but with known risks, or another alternative for you could be investing in an affordable cleaning franchise for your budget. Maybe a lower start-up option would work best even though the business would be smaller, but this could be more convenient as it would be easier to run the day-to-day it's all down to you.

Find the right type of cleaning franchise.

There are hundreds of different cleaning franchise opportunities available, offering a range of specialised, commercial, or general cleaning services. General cleaning franchises usually have a lower initial investment cost and require little to no training or experience. Commercial laundry franchises have relatively low start-up costs but require a bit of experience and training. More specialised services, such as pool, mattress, window, tile, and car cleaning franchises may have a higher upfront investment, including portable, truck-mounted cleaning machines. With a specialised service, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy higher profit margins as higher start-up costs prevent a competitor from joining the market, so why not browse our complete list of profitable cleaning franchises today?

Interview the franchisor

View franchising the same way you view marriage. You have to select a suitable partner with whom you can spend your life. Schedule an appointment to meet with the franchisor and ask them questions. This way, you’ll have a solid understanding of who they are. Ask them to tell you more about their training program, whether they provide financial assistance, how disagreements are solved, and so forth. Most franchisors are happy to talk about their businesses with potential clients. Trust your instincts if you feel the franchisor is withholding information and walk away.

Get a lawyer to assess the franchise documents before you buy a cleaning franchise for sale.

Once the franchisor has supplied you with the franchise agreement and Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), it’s advisable to have a franchise solicitor review the documents with you. Many contracts will include provisions that favour the franchisor rather than you. For example, the attorney may discover that the franchisee may not have the right to sell the franchise early if it’s not performing. If you plan to hire a manager or work outside the regular business hours, you’ll want to make sure this is allowable under the franchise agreement. A legal expert can review every detail of the contract to ensure you understand the terms before you sign the contract. To maximise your chances of success, be totally certain the cleaning franchise business is right for you before you part with your money. Our cleaning franchise directory is an excellent way for you to start your cleaning business ownership journey.

Statistics around the cleaning sector in the UK?

Now we will share some further statistics collected previously in the UK to show the available customer base and also most importantly the growth of the whole sector in the previous years in the UK to give you a good insight into the cleaning sector in the UK and let you know how it's progressing annually.

Did you know?

  • Since 2010 the cleaning sector has seen an increase of 21% turnover in the UK alone.
  • The cleaning sector in the UK has employed a staggering 700,000 people across the whole of the United Kingdom.
  • According to a report by MTW Research, the contract cleaning sector is worth more than £3 billion British pounds.
  • The overall sector market size in the UK is worth £6 billion British pounds.
  • There are just over 23,000 businesses in the UK offering building cleaning such as office cleaning etc.

The Different Types Of Cleaning Businesses For Sale In The UK

If you’re thinking about buying your own cleaning business, you might be wondering what types of cleaning businesses for sale exist. There are many different cleaning business opportunities out there, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses that should be taken into consideration when you’re deciding what type of cleaning company for sale to buy. Here are some of the more common types of cleaning businesses you can purchase in the UK.

1) Window cleaning businesses for sale

A window cleaning business is perfect for those who don’t want to get their hands dirty. This type of cleaning business works out particularly well for those with a fear of heights, as it requires little physical effort or risk when working from ground level. If you have difficulty climbing, then a window cleaning business for sale may be your most attractive option because equipment such as ladders is not usually required. Window cleaners receive regular bookings on a weekly or monthly basis, which means that if you're looking for long-term income and security, then a window cleaning business opportunity may suit you best!

2) Carpet cleaning businesses for sale

Carpet cleaning business for sale are ideal if you want to get into the cleaning business and have a limited budget. A carpet cleaning company requires you to buy equipment like hot water tanks, vacuum cleaners and various chemicals. And if you don’t already own some of these things, it might be better to start with a different type of business as you may not have enough money to buy everything in one go. However, carpet cleaning businesses for sale can be quite lucrative if done right as most people want their carpets cleaned regularly and don’t mind paying for that service. So if you’re looking for a low-cost option when starting your business, a carpet cleaning franchise business is something worth considering.

3) Dry cleaning businesses for sale

Dry cleaning businesses for sale are a great opportunity for entrepreneurs with deep pockets who want to get into a cleaning business that is easy to manage, has strong margins and high return on investment. Start up costs are fairly low and you can save by using in-house labour. Most dry cleaning businesses hire their own cleaners so they don’t have to pay outside contractors. Since you don’t need expensive equipment or storefronts, your overhead is low. Having more customers than other cleaners gives you more opportunities to charge them more. However, if one of your key clients disappears, that could be a big problem as most of your money comes from repeat business.

4) Office cleaning businesses for sale

Office cleaning businesses for sale are a real business opportunity in a growing market. It’s not uncommon for companies to offer office cleaning as part of their own service offerings, so buying your own office cleaning business for sale is a great way to add an extra revenue stream to your existing portfolio. You’ll need an operational basis and good amount of capital, but if you have those two things and you’re willing to work hard, then buying an existing office cleaning business could be a smart move.

5) Contract cleaning businesses for sale

You can buy contract cleaning businesses for sale all across the UK. These businesses are used by larger companies and organizations to provide general cleaning services in different facilities. So if you want to own a business which will provide you regular income then a contract cleaning business is best for you. There are many small and big contract cleaning business opportunities in different parts of the UK. 

6) Industrial cleaning businesses for sale

Industrial cleaning businesses for sale can be divided into different categories depending on their primary goal. Some, for example, may focus more on a one-off clean up; others may specialize in regular cleaning services. Meanwhile, some may have employees and others may be mostly autonomous. Other variations include whether or not business owners will be available to train incoming owners. Whatever type of industrial cleaning business for sale you're looking for, it's best to think about which kind would fit your business goals and personality best before starting to look at specific companies. That way you'll know exactly what kinds of things to look out for so that you don't waste your time or energy on something that won't work well with your circumstances or career plans.

7) Home cleaning businesses for sale

With so many cleaning business opportunities on offer, it's important to think about exactly what you want out of your business. While there are some home cleaning businesses for sale that could just require help with marketing and web design, others will require regular upkeep and maintenance. Make sure you're not signing up for more than you can handle! Although most home cleaning business opportunities don't generally need employees, they can make sense if they'll be around to offer flexible hours or specialty skills that might otherwise cost a premium. However, if you already know what kind of home cleaning business for sale you want and plan to buy a cleaning company in your area, be prepared for a long search ahead of time; do your research before going out on interviews so that you have all kinds of questions ready when meeting with potential leads.

Most popular types of cleaning franchises in the UK

Below we list the most popular types of cleaning service franchises available in the UK. This list will contain any cleaning franchise you can think of.

  • Janitorial Franchises
  • Office Cleaning Franchises
  • Commercial Cleaning Franchises
  • Home Cleaning Franchises
  • Sanitizing Franchises
  • Mould Remediation Franchises
  • Household Cleaning Franchises
  • Chimney Cleaning Franchises
  • Mould Removal Franchises
  • Deodorizing Franchises
  • Decontamination Franchises
  • Graffiti Removal Franchises
  • Bin Cleaning Franchises
  • Contract Cleaning Franchises

If any of these different cleaning franchises sound like the ideal business opportunity for you, you are in luck since at Franchise UK we provide a vast and diverse range of different cleaning franchise opportunities so you can be sure to find your ideal franchise in the cleaning industry.

What do these statistics show for the cleaning sector?

Overall these statistics have shown that an exciting future is in store for the cleaning industry in the UK. Because the sector has seen a whopping growth of 21% over the last decade which shows very promising signs for the sector as a whole. Also the cleaning sector is also perfect for giving back to the UK by providing a vast range of employment opportunities. Finally, I think the cleaning sector has been showing great signs of progressing over the previous years according to the recent stats collected in the UK from previous years.

The other areas of growth have been in specialized areas of cleaning. Some of these include carpet cleaning franchisesoven cleaning franchise opportunities, driveway cleaning & even franchises that will clean your guttering from moss & debris.

We have a great variety of the latest & best cleaning franchises for sale in the UK, so browse & find your ideal franchise opportunity.

So with the cleaning industry booming and with demand growing daily, suggest now might be the time to invest in a cleaning franchise to buy. Also, if you are not sure a cleaning franchise for sale is right for you for any reason and want to pursue another business opportunity, I highly recommend you browse through our vast franchise directory. Since at Franchise UK, we offer a diverse variety of different franchise opportunities for sale in the UK to help encourage anyone on their journey of running their own business.