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Cleaning Franchises

The UK has over 27 million households & over 5 million businesses, that's a lot of cleaning which is why the cleaning industry has been so robust over the years and why cleaning franchise opportunities have been extremely successful.

Domestic cleaning has been on the rise as the UK population continues to get older and more people wish to remain in their homes and even release equity to achieve this. This gives them the need and finances to use a local domestic cleaning franchise and this trend is set to continue

With over 5 million UK business the commerical cleaning sector is also very buoyant and commercial cleaning franchise opportunities have growth over the last 10 years or so.

Statistics around the cleaning sector in the UK?

Now we will share some further statistics collected previously in the UK to show the available customer base and also most importantly the whole sectors growth in the previous years in the UK to give you a good insight in to the cleaning sector in the UK and let you know how its progressing annually.

Did you know?

  • Since 2010 the cleaning sector has seen an increase of 21% turnover in the UK alone.
  • The cleaning sector in the UK has employed a staggering 700,000 people across the whole of the United Kingdom.
  • According to a report by MTW Research the contract cleaning sector is worth more than £3 billion British pounds.
  • The overall sector market size in the UK is worth £6 billion British pounds.
  • There are just over 23,000 businesses in the UK offering building cleaning such as office cleaning etc.

What do these statistics show for the cleaning sector?

Overall these statistics have shown that a exciting future is in store for the cleaning industry in the UK. Because the sector has seen a whopping growth of 21% over the last decade which shows very promising signs for the sector as a whole. Also the cleaning sector is also very good for giving back to the UK by providing a vast range of employment opportunities. Finally I think the cleaning sector has been showing great signs of progressing over the previous years according to the recent stats collected in the UK from previous years.

The other areas of growth have been in specialized areas of cleaning. Some of these include carpet cleaning franchises, oven cleaning franchise opportunities, driveway cleaning & even franchises that will clean your guttering from moss & debris.

We have a great varierty of the latest & best cleaning franchises for sale in the UK so browse & find your ideal franchise opportunity.

So with the cleaning industry booming and with demand growing daily suggest now might be the time to invest in a cleaning franchise in the UK. Also if you are not sure a cleaning franchise is right for you for any reasons and want to pursue another business opportunity I highly recommend you browse through our vast franchise directory. Since at Franchise UK we offer a diverse variety of different franchise opportunities for sale in the UK to help encourage anyone on their journey of running their own business.