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cleaning-franchises2The cleaning industry is one with little glamour, and a great place to make a good solid return on investment. Cleaning franchises UK allow prospective business people to go into business for themselves. While at the same time keeping their capital investment low and providing a platform to build a solid business full of high paying repeat customers.

Many people will automatically assume if they go into the cleaning franchises business they should skip right over reviewing franchises and start looking for clients. However, there are many benefits to choosing to work through cleaning franchises UK instead of starting out on your own. They include:

  • Support and Assistance with HR – If you are planning on expanding the business to have multiple cleaners and multiple work sites at the same time it will be necessary to ensure you understand how to manage your human resources. Cleaning franchises can provide you with the systems necessary to keep track of employees and grow your cleaning franchise business.
  • Recognised Branding – Overall the industry does not have the strongest reputation in the minds of the public. There have been too many stories published in the papers about cleaners stealing documents and jewelry. The cleaning franchises opportunities available on the other hand, have built a reputation for screening candidates and keeping their operations on the straight and narrow.
  • Marketing Support – If you are ready to go into the cleaning business, and you decide to do it on your own without cleaning franchises, you will have difficulty breaking into the sector. As a whole the cleaning sector is a highly competitive one, and in the absence of coaching and brand recognition from a franchise partner, building up a sizable income will be difficult.

cleaning-franchises1In terms of cleaning franchises UK they take a number of different forms and structures. Generally cleaning companies focus on cleaning one specific type of property, structure, or element. These include:

  • Commercial/Industrial Cleaners – Cleaning franchises of the commercial and industrial variety are designed to focus on the unique cleaning needs of industrial sites, and commercial buildings. In both cases they generally require the use of multiple individuals to do the cleaning, thus this business likely requires a degree of human resources management skill in order to make it a success. It also means the investment the franchisee must have up front will be higher as they will need to cover wages while they wait for payment on their newfound cleaning contracts. One drawback is the business is often required to carry expensive insurance and put employees through a criminal records check.
  • Residential Cleaners – As the name suggests residential cleaning franchises specialise in cleaning homes. Some focus exclusively on large or expensive homes as the returns can be better. Generally the rate of pay is higher in larger homes. The biggest issue with a residential cleaning franchise opportunity is the ability to scale up or grow operations is limited. Compared to commercial cleaners the overall income and revenue available will be substantially lower.
  • Automotive Cleaners – The automotive detailing franchise sector is gaining in popularity as people have less and less time and interest in cleaning their own cars. For most busy modern day professionals, it is easier to pay a few hundred pounds to someone to go through the car, clean it, and get it ready to go back out on the road. Investment in this growing field is low, and the training is top notch.
  • Commercial Oven Cleaning – It might scare you to know that ovens and fryers in many restaurants have not been cleaned in months, but instead of being shocked and disgusted view it as an opportunity. Many businesses have slowed down the number of times they clean the fryers and ovens because they are operating with the minimum possible staff. They understand the implications of dirty ovens and fryers on their health certifications, and want to minimize the impact. In terms of investment, like the rest of the sector commercial oven cleaning has a low startup cost. But it also has a nearly unlimited base of clients to engage for work so can make very profitable cleaning franchises in the UK.
  • Clothes – If you live in a city with a lot of white-collar workers, then perhaps you should get into the clothes cleaning franchises. Dry cleaning has long been one of the best ways to earn a good solid living, and build a business. There are many ways to increase the profitability of your dry cleaning franchise opportunity, including offering mending and other services to customers.

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