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Care Franchises

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care-franchises1Care franchises sector in the UK

The care industry in the UK and the rest of the western world is going through a period of explosive growth. As the post war baby boom generation retires from their jobs and ages, their children are left to balance busy lives with children of their own while looking after mum and dad. Many also do not want to place their parents in the permanent overnight care of an old people’s home which have also help the growth of care franchises UK.

It is therefore quite easy to see why entering the care business by investing in a care franchises could be a very wise financial decision. For the right person this business will not only prove to be lucrative but an enjoyable and rewarding experience as you help to take care of someone who appreciates it very much.

Care Franchises in the UK

There are dozens of different care franchises UK with a national and international presence. All of them are benefiting heavily from the aging of the general population. As a general rule they can be categorised into providing three different levels of care. Each level of care requires a different level of skill and involvement with the clients it serves.

  • Minimal Care – A care franchise focused on minimal domiciliary care will generally focus on helping seniors and others in need of assistance with basic day-to-day tasks. The most common services provided at this level are companionship, a meal, and house keeping. Generally care is performed in the individual in need of care’s own home, and only lasts for several hours each day, or a minimal number of days per week. It is also the level of care that requires the least expertise to get into business.
  • Intermediate Care – Intermediate care is a higher level of care. It generally requires a staff that has more training in different types of situations. Intermediate care is usually delivered on a daily basis. It often includes up to two meals a day, companionship, house keeping, and bathing. Often it is performed in the home of a loved one where the individual in care resides.
  • High Needs – A high level of care required. Often a nurse or paramedic level qualification is required in order to be able to deliver the care required. All bathing, dressing, meals, and other daily tasks require assistance. This care is generally delivered constantly while the permanent care given is at work. If the individual in care were not residing with family they would be in a care home. A higher needs care situation requires a lot more investment from the perspective of a franchisee as staff need to be well trained to deal with clients.

care-franchises2Other Types of Care Franchises

There are also other types of care franchises UK. These care franchises look after individuals that find themselves in care for reasons other than age. It could be they had an accident, or they have a disability. In either case they require care not too dissimilar to what is delivered to the elderly.

Are Care Franchises For Me?

Domiciliary care franchises are not for everyone. Even if there are employees to be hired and trained, it requires a significant deal of emotional and time investment on the part of the business owner in order to do deliver a quality level of service. Government regulations are also quite intense often leading to expensive compliance audits and a lot of paperwork.

The care franchise business also requires a certain bedside manour, and personality. It is suitable for the following type of person:

  • Enjoys spending time with others.
  • Enjoys helping others.
  • Loves the elderly or those who are vulnerable.
  • Can tolerate stress, and stays calm even in stressful situations.
  • Is capable of providing emotional support and developing a relationship with the clients.
  • Has an interest in the health care field.
  • Is willing to work long hours.

Care Franchises UK – Investment Requirements

In addition to the investment of time there is also a cash investment cost to running a domiciliary care franchise business. These costs largely depend on the care franchise and the amount of training it requires, as well as the level of care provided. Some of the care franchises in the UK providing lower levels of care start at around £5000, while those providing some of the highest levels of care can run as high as £300,000. It all depends on the equipment and training required.

For the right person the care sector offers the opportunity to make a difference for those in domiciliary care and their pocketbook.

Types of care franchises

  • Care home franchises
  • Home care franchises
  • Care at home franchises
  • Domiciliary care franchises

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