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Buying a franchise resale gives you the opportunity to purchase a business with an existing client base and cash flow from the first day of owning the business, whilst still getting the help and support from the franchisor, a powerful reason to buy a franchise resale.  Just like purchasing a new start franchise resale, you will receive full training and support from the franchisor, a proven model to follow and a brand that is already established in a specific territory.

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Would a franchise resale in the UK be right for you?

Franchise resales are becoming a prevalent option to people in the UK looking to run their own business where they can get the right training from the beginning. This is why franchising has a much higher success rate than starting up your own independent business. There are many perks to investing in franchise resales in the UK, which we will list below to give you an idea of whether investing in a franchise resale UK would be the right choice for you.

What is a franchise resale?

  • franchise resale is when you buy an existing franchise business as a going concern from a franchisee with the rights to operate the franchise. It could be a sale of a company or a sale of the assets of the franchisee’s business.

The perks of investing in a franchise resale:

There are many perks of investing in a franchise resale that is available in the UK, but today we will list a few which are the most popular among people that are looking to run their own franchises in the UK.

Higher success rate

  • As mentioned above, franchise resales UK have a significant success rate compared to independent business opportunities for many reasons, such as when running an independent business. You have to start it all alone, which can be very worrying for anyone new to the world of business, and with options like franchises for sale, there is no need to have the stress, especially if it’s your first business you have ever run.


  • Another good thing for anyone looking to run their own business by investing in a franchise resale is once you have invested, you will receive consistent training from your franchisor, which is another aspect of why franchised businesses have a much higher success rate.

You have a ready brand.

  • Anyone new to business would agree it’s very hard to build up a brand from the ground up. This is another factor of why franchise resales UK are such a popular option to anyone new to the responsibility of running a business because they already have a well-known brand from the get-go, which saves a lot of time and labor, making it easier for you to achieve success and see a return from your investment at an earlier stage.

Have you made your decision?

If you have read the overwhelmingly positive perks of investing in a franchise resale in the UK and if you are still not convinced on whether it would be the right option for you or you have not found a franchise resale in the territory you may want, I highly recommend you have a browse through our full franchise directory to find the ideal franchise for you.