Franchise Exhibitions 2021

What are the benefits of attending franchise exhibitions 2021?

Franchise UK and the advice provided by the editors of this site are dedicated to helping a potential franchise buyer or seller to find the best franchise opportunities. These opportunities will help them to work towards their financial independence, but also come with a great deal of risk. The best advice is, therefore, to ensure proper due diligence is completed on every franchise opportunity explored, franchise exhibitions can help achieve this. One of the best places to do this sort of due diligence is at a franchise exhibition. Each year in the United Kingdom there are a number of these showcases that take place across the country. Some are organized by industry associations and others by professional conference organizers but each has the same primary benefit. Prospective franchise buyers benefit from having the opportunity to meet franchisors from across the country and conduct due diligence. There are many benefits to attending one of these franchise exhibitions:

  • Due Diligence – These shows are attended by hundreds of franchisors, many of who are in the same industry. A franchise exhibition is an opportunity for an entrepreneur in the market for a franchise business to meet with a variety of sellers within the same chosen industry. In the course of a day, an entrepreneur can visit, speak with, and gain key information on all of the franchises in a particular industry.
  • New Opportunities – An entrepreneur might think they have their mind made up as to what sort of business they would like to get into. When they attend a franchise exhibition, they experience a moment of realization, there are better opportunities out there. In short, they are a great opportunity to make sure your new business investment is being directed towards the optimal opportunity.
  • Education – Franchise exhibitions also are places where there are frequent seminars held on a variety of business-related topics. Even if an entrepreneur decides not to proceed with a franchised business, they will still gain valuable information on everything from marketing, to financing and operating a business. An entrepreneur can also learn how to finance a franchise business and the opportunities that are available to partner with different companies and organizations for alternative investment financing.
  • Connections – In choosing to go into business, an entrepreneur makes the choice to become a life long connector and networker. This means if franchising might be in your future, then it is a great place to meet people who have an inside track on the business. If you have a business you want to sell franchises in, it is also a great place to meet experienced talent and organisations that can help make this dream a reality.

What franchise show should I attend?

There are many franchise shows taking place in the UK each year, in different corners of the country. There are two major ones; one takes place in several locations around the country, like a tour. The other takes place in a central location. Each has its own drawbacks and advantages, but in either case, represents a great opportunity to learn more about franchising. The two shows are:

  • The Franchise Show – This show takes place early in the year. It claims to have over 100 of the top franchisors in attendance and offers a range of seminars to help prospective entrepreneurs understand franchising and the opportunities available to them.
  • The National Franchise Exhibition – This exhibition is a traveling show, with multiple dates and locations across the country. Its organizers boast a slew of franchisors, and have a variety of seminars on offer.

Why Buy a Franchise?

While franchising is no guarantee of success there are many reasons why franchise businesses tend to have a higher success rate than their stand-alone peers. One of the major reasons is the ability to articulate and build national brand recognition. The second is the plethora of business opportunities available; as of 2013, there were over 930 highly recognized franchise businesses to buy in the United Kingdom. Besides the support available from the franchisor, the national advertising, and the training and support there are many other advantages to buying a franchise. All of these questions and more can be answered at a franchise exhibition, and entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to be exposed to businesses they never even knew existed.

Franchise Discovery Days

Find your ideal franchise by attending a franchise discovery day! Meet the franchisor, learn about particular franchise opportunities and speak to existing franchisees. Below can be found a list of upcoming discovery days.

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Franchise Exhibitions 2021

There are many franchising exhibitions & events hosted across the UK, please find as follows some of the larger events, should you have information on any local or regional franchising events please let us know.

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