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Franchise Legal advice is always vital for people setting up businesses; high-quality franchising advice can add real value to a new enterprise while helping entrepreneurs navigate complex regulatory questions. But for individuals considering entering the world of franchising (from cleaning franchises to education franchises), enlisting the services of a franchising solicitor is doubly important.

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Why do I need a franchise solicitor?

Setting up and running a franchise involves many legal questions, often ones with significant commercial implications. Making the right decisions in the early stages of your franchise can have huge impacts later on down the line. Perhaps the single most important document for a franchisee will be your franchise agreement – the document governing the relationship you’ll have with your franchisor. These can often be complicated and written in technical language, but the jargon can mask questions of significant importance to your business – issues like the fees you pay, the resources you use, and many other ways connected to how you run your business.

Getting good franchise legal advice from a franchise solicitor can help you negotiate these agreements with confidence. A franchise solicitor will not just tell you what the law is; he or she will also explain how you can push back on contractual provisions to get the best possible deal for your business. Whilst ensuring that everything remains legal and properly documented, a franchising solicitor will always be a commercial advocate for you too – getting to know you, your business and your long-term vision, and making sure that this vision is reflected in the contracts you work with.

Franchise solicitors – an ongoing relationship

However, your relationship with a franchise solicitor won’t end when the franchising agreement is signed. As you run your business you will undoubtedly encounter a range of issues, whether you’re looking to grow or to respond to unexpected changes in the business climate. Franchise solicitors will be able to advise you on all these matters. If you’re looking to expand, they can tell you how best to finance your growth, and how to get the best terms from your bank. If you’re looking to renegotiate with your franchisor, they can also advise on how to improve your contractual position. The commercial decisions you make as a franchisee will be better with the experience that a good lawyer brings.

It’s not just transactional work where a solicitor might be helpful. The day-to-day running of a franchise involves constant dealing with contracts – you might be hiring new workers, managing your leases or even having to look at environmental or financial regulations. Having a good relationship with a solicitor means that you know that unbiased and impartial advice is never more than a phone call away.

Franchise Dispute Solicitors

Of course, businesses can often encounter difficulties, and franchises are no different. One of the most common issues a franchisee will face is a dispute with the franchisor; your franchise solicitor will be able to help you with all stages of this. They can help you establish your position under the law; they can work on resolving disputes amicably through negotiation and mediation; and if all else fails, they will be tenacious advocates in litigation. Going to court can be one of the most stressful points for an entrepreneur to deal with – make sure that if the situation ever arises, you’re well-prepared and well-advised.

Do you need a franchise solicitor?

In short, consulting a franchise solicitor as soon as possible is almost always the best decision for an entrepreneur looking to enter the world of franchising. The fees required are very reasonable (and a lawyer can be found for every budget), but the true value of a good solicitor comes in the form of the money saved later down the line. In business, certainty is a virtue; no businessperson wants to waste time having to deal with unplanned events. Working with a franchise solicitor can help you reduce uncertainty by ensuring that you have adequate documentation to protect you against all eventualities. This means that, if such things come to pass, you can face them ready and prepared. With a new franchise opening every eight minutes, skilled franchise lawyers will have plenty of real-world experience they can draw on when advising you.

Franchising solicitors – the right decision for you

So no matter what sort of franchise you’re thinking of setting up – white-collar or white-van, from the office or from the home – remember that hiring a franchise solicitor may be the right decision for you. You’re an entrepreneur – your skills lie in making smart commercial decisions and having a vision for your business. So why spend your time and energy thinking about legal matters, when you can just hire a specialist instead?

In working with a franchise lawyer, you’re not just getting legal advice; you’re getting a business advisor and a strategic partner. So set yourself up for success, and approach a franchise solicitor as early as possible.

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