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Fantastic Services expands its business into new areas during a crisis

The home-maintenance franchise company manages its way through the crisis by striking three new area development agreements. Along with the new services they launch, this expansion proves that Fantastic Services always finds a way to grow. With innovation and competitiveness, they are pushing through the crisis to reach the final destination – success.

Economic predictions suggest that the coronavirus crisis will cause significant financial pressure and many small business owners will be affected. Fantastic Services is the living example of how being part of the franchise industry is a huge advantage, especially during a crisis.

The company shows how prepared it is to navigate through those turbulent times, proving that the franchise industry is booming in today’s market.

Three new area developers in the UK

The positive news about the new area development franchisee for Tonbridge came across us, yesterday. After his training and onboarding, the new area developer is already a proud handyman franchise owner. Fantastic Services announced that the company is happy to give his teams the know-how to deliver local handyman services, including repairs, assembly, maintenance, home-improvements, installations, etc.

What’s more, they shared with us about their new gardening area developers in Sheffield and Canterbury. “Despite the COVID-19 situation, the demand for gardening services sees an increase,” said Anton Skarlatov, CEO.

“Spring is coming and people spend more time in their yards, especially during the lockdown. Citizens of Sheffield and Canterbury don’t have to worry about their garden maintenance anymore. The skilled professionals, managed by our new area developers will deliver garden clearance, lawn care, tree surgery, hedge trimming and more solutions to the residents”, added Mr Skarlatov.

Fantastic Services continues to adapt to the ‘new normal’

As a provider of property cleaning and maintenance, the company is growing its customer base and keeping the business operating by adapting to the social distancing guidelines and finding new ways to help the public.

A couple of weeks ago, Fantastic Services launched its Antiviral Sanitisation service, which turns out to be a great success. They continue to see an increase in their bookings and help hundreds of customers in London to stay safe and healthy. In a couple of weeks, the service will be available as a franchise opportunity, so stay tuned!

“Another two areas – Medway and Portsmouth are also about to be undertaken,” said the CEO of Fantastic Services.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners explain that it pays to look at crises as great opportunities. Turning the coronavirus outbreak and the following mass lockdown into a business opportunity can result in the long-term growth and success of the venture if it’s carried out well.

Fantastic Services is a great example of that – the company has been established during a recession in 2009. Today, a decade later, they continue to grow and strengthen their business by expanding into new territories, offering Area Development and Master Franchise opportunities to smart investors.

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