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Franchise UK is a franchise opportunities UK directory offering potential franchise business entrepreneurs the opportunity to view UK franchises for sale. We also provide a wealth of additional free franchising information including latest franchise news, advice and information about franchise exhibitions & other business shows.

Our UK franchise directory also features top franchises, new franchises, low cost franchises, home based franchises & UK franchising information for anyone considering buying a franchise in the UK. This information includes franchise exhibitions, new franchise business ideas , successful franchises for sale & franchising news & features.

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There really is a franchise opportunity ideal for everyone, whether you have a passion for accounts, motors or pizza there is a complete A-Z of exciting UK franchise opportunities waiting for you to discover.

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UK Franchise Information

930 Brands Operating in the UK

The number of franchise outlets now totals 39,000+

UK Employment

Number of people employed by franchises: 561,000

7% increase in Franchised Businesses

Over the past 5 years there has been a 7% increase in franchised business units.

UK Owned and Run

4 in 5 of the franchise systems in the country are now UK owned and run.


Percentage of franchise units profitable: 92%

Full Time Jobs

Over a ¼m full-time jobs in franchising in the UK

20% Growth Over the Past 5 Years

This contribution has grown by 20% over the past 5 years, whilst the overall economy has shrunk 2.5% over the same period.

Total Economic Contribution

The total economic contribution of the franchise industry now stands at £13.7 billion, up 2.4% on last year’s figure.

and more...

Franchising in the UK is proving to be a significant factor contributing to UK economy, a survey commission by BFA/Natwest in 2013 highlighted some very interesting franchising statistics..

By visiting Franchise UK you have taken the first step, at Franchise UK you can access many franchising news articles, find out more about franchising and cut through the franchising jargon. View our franchise jargon buster article

There really is a franchise opportunity ideal for everyone, whether you have a passion for accounts, motors or pizza there is a complete A-Z of exciting UK franchise opportunities waiting for you to discover.

Ongoing Industry Growth

Franchising in the UK is experiencing
considerable and ongoing growth.

Many Business Options

Many franchise seekers are impressed
with the many business options
that are available.

Higher Rate of Success

There are many reasons why franchisees
Enjoy a higher rate of success when
compared to startups.

Easier To Setup

More and more people are choosing a franchise
opportunity rather than setting up a
business from scratch.

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