GroutGleam Franchise

£5,820 + VAT

Franchise Description :

Grout Gleam home repair and home improvement franchise opportunity.

Finance:Yes, through a third party.
Part Time:Yes
Contact Name:Franchise Recruitment Manager

United Kingdom




Be your own boss with a GroutGleam recolouring business!

No previous experience or skillset required. Suitable for anyone whether they be young, old, male or female.

We possess a little known secret, we can transform almost any tiled surface, tiled area and/or tiled room, such as a bathroom or kitchen, to like new condition in just a few hours without re-grouting, without mess, without significant downtime and without significant cost.

We’ve literally had customers cry tears of joy at their ‘new’ tiled surface.

Our licensees tell us, over and over again, it’s not just the £1000+ per week they earn, they love the job satisfaction, seeing the delight on their customers faces at the end of a job.

GroutGleam launched in February 2018 and soon became one of the fastest growing licensed networks in the UK. Had it not been for the pandemic, by now, we would have licensed well over 100 territories.

We’ve always known our business opportunity offered fantastic value for money with exceptionally low-level entry costs and numerous benefits, such as making the business as turnkey as possible.

Our goal is to build a complete nationwide network FAST. Joining the GroutGleam network costs as little as £5,820 plus VAT.

As well as the sensible joining fee and an ongoing monthly commitment of just £95 plus VAT per month, we will provide you with a turnkey business including stock and tools, a mentor, on the job training, support as well as an exclusive territory with ongoing support and advice to help keep you busy.

GroutGleam’s lucrative core services, include numerous benefits for the customer not least of which is the exceptional perceived value of what we do. We hand back a tiled surface, a tiled room that looks as good as the day it was installed for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Our sensibly priced service and virtually zero competition mean most quotes turn into deals. We heard a perfect example of this recently when one of licensees said they secured 17 jobs from 18 enquiries.





Our grout recolouring service is our flagship high demand service. Look at our video and see just how quickly a floor and/or wall area can be transformed with a complete grout restoration service including a colour change.

Our recolouring service offers the most popular, stylish colours, which when fully cured permanently seals the grout to help protect against mould, mildew, and staining.

The recolouring service can restore the dirtiest, damaged and ugly grout to a new look finish. This process will permanently colour and seal the grout to make the grout look as good as the day it was installed. Our product is safe and simple to use, this unique formula allows for easy application by the GroutGleam professionals. Please note we do not re-grout, we don’t need to, our system removes the need to. This saves the customer from so much downtime, mess, hassle, potential trouble and EXPENSE.

GroutGleam offers clients, both commercial and domestic, a hassle-free opportunity to save themselves money, avoid downtime and restore their existing grout to like new condition avoiding costly re-grouting and re-tiling.

Unlike traditional grout cleaning methods often relying on chemicals and huge amounts of elbow grease with limited effect, GroutGleam is a reliable, relatively effortless, fast process that is both affordable to the customer and super profitable for our technicians.

Think domestic bathrooms, kitchens, flooring. Think super quick turn arounds for the rental market. Think cheap freshen up for the property seller. Think hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and event venues. Think ££££££.



Almost two thirds of the UK population reside in hard water areas. This causes limescale and hard water deposits to build up in wet areas which are particularly visible on shower glass. We have specially formulated compounds optimised to remove ingrained hard water stains, restoring shower glass to like new condition. This then presents a perfect opportunity to upsell our next service.



Once we have restored the grout and removed the hard water stains from the shower glass doesn’t it make sense to protect the surface from future staining and discolouring? And wouldn’t it be great if by protecting the surface it would make future cleaning super easy, just a quick wipe. This is what we offer, an all-in-one, efficient, invisible nano scale coating that uniquely acts as a barrier on all 3 substrates (glass, tile and grout) repelling water and oil deposits.

As you can see there are multiple revenue streams open to GroutGleam operators.

GroutGleam is suitable for the hands-on operator as well as the entrepreneur looking to exploit and maximise the opportunity. Little overheads, no premises required, can be operated from home, making this opportunity all the more appealing. And the low entry costs always appeal.

With GroutGleam, you have the option of 3 different joining tiers:

GroutGleam Approved Technicians are typically hands-on operators and have a single territory with an initial investment of just £5,820 plus VAT, with potential earnings of £1,000+ per week.

GroutGleam Business Developers enjoy a double size territory offering a mix of hands-on, and potential growth for future territory management. This tier is incentivised with further promotional pricing (just 1.5 times the joining cost of a single territory). Earnings are dependent on how many technicians are servicing the territory but suffice to say the potential is significant.

GroutGleam Area Directors enjoy a triple size territory, again offering an even greater opportunity. This tier is also incentivised with further promotional pricing (just twice the joining cost of a single territory). This role is for selected entrepreneurs who possess the ability and desire to ultimately run a team of technicians, maximising the potential of far larger territories.



GroutGleam newcomers can take advantage of the UK Government Business Start Up loan scheme, which can offer funding to almost all applicants. Typically, funding is available for the initial license cost, additional stock, set up costs, working capital and VAT. For loans of £5000, the process is very simple and straightforward without any fees, and monthly payments of around £100 per month for the 5 year term.





Just last week someone missed out on their home area by one week! Contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss this substantial, low-cost licensed opportunity.



“I had been looking at a number of different franchise and business opportunities on and off for quite a while, then I saw the GroutGleam opportunity advertised. GroutGleam really piqued my interest for two immediate reasons, one being that it is a unique product that so many people need and second the very reasonable joining costs. After speaking with Simon and talking to some of the other operators I knew it was something I wanted to proceed with. Since swatarting up it has really surprised me just how quickly my business has grown through word of mouth and local social media pages. I don’t see any sign of business slowing as nobody else offers the services we can. I started part time, initially combining GroutGleam with my job, but GroutGleam very soon started to take over. I remember the week I had off work and earned £1,650 from just 3.5 days of GroutGleam, it was more than I had ever earned in a week before and I knew I had to take the plunge and do this full-time. Needless to say I have never looked back!”

“After two months of researching various franchises, I came across GroutGleam. I was looking for a business that I could run from home and make changes in my lifestyle, enabling my wife and I to have a better work life balance. I met with Simon Parker and was extremely impressed with not only the detail of the business, but also with Simon who I found to be genuine, honest and reliable. These factors in the main, along with the projections for the business helped my decision to rapidly progress to becoming a GroutGleam Official Partner. I received excellent training from one of the existing licensees. I have an excellent business and personal relationship with Simon, who provides a wealth of knowledge and excellent support on an ongoing basis. Within 2 weeks of joining GroutGleam I was regularly turning over £1.2k weekly and the business has continued to grow over the last 2.5 years. Post covid things have gotten even better, I have seen a huge upturn, with even more interest in the GroutGleam service than ever before. It seems the fact that we restore rather than replace is something that is of great appeal to many people.”


And for those with an immediate interest, there is also an exciting new additional proposition available FREE OF CHARGE. Please enquire for more details!