Shuttercraft Franchise

£30,000 Franchise Fee

Franchise Description :

The Shuttercraft franchise is not just about supplying quality interior plantation shutters, it’s about building a business that you can manage, develop, and grow. With a low-risk strategy and no previous experience required, a shutter franchise is the perfect option if you are looking for a business with fantastic growth opportunities in an ever-expanding market.

Part Time:No


Shuttercraft Franchise 


Available Territories:


  • Newcastle (pre-owned)
  • Burnley
  • Stafford (pre-owned)
  • Swansea
  • Ipswich (pre-owned)
  • Canterbury (Kent)
  • Farnham (Alton/Basingstoke)
  • Southdowns – Chichester
  • Preston/Blackpool
  • Cambridge – Resale on the market circa £50k
  • Oxford – open to resale offers (due to be valued by Easter)
  • Henley – open to resale offers
  • Nottingham – open to resale offers circa £195k
  • Derby – open to resale offers circa £75k
  • Northhants – open to resale offers circa £100k


Join the longest established and largest distributor of shutters in the UK


The use of shutters within UK homes has grown significantly over recent years: the domestic window coverings market was estimated to be worth £1.52bn in 2019, which reflects strong and steady growth of 13% since 2015. And there’s evidence to suggest the market hasn’t peaked, as shutters become ever more affordable. *Source: AMA Research Ltd/Trade Estimates

Offering consumers insulation in winter and cooler homes in summer, our window coverings support consumers with the rising cost of energy bills. Shuttercraft also contribute to global sustainability by planting a tree for every shutter sold via Ecologi.


Key Benefits


The Values We Live

The heart of our business is PEOPLE, TRUST & PARTNERSHIP. Surrounding ourselves and the franchise network with highly skilled experts who will help build your business and support your vision. Real change and growth are always the result of a collective effort – without partnership, we have no business. Like laughter and positivity, pride is infectious. When you believe wholeheartedly in something, you have the power to energise and motivate those around you.


Ambitious Managers

Shuttercraft is a management franchise. Whilst you will work in each aspect of the business in the early days to truly understand the product and business you are building, you will be constructing a team to support you and your business growth. You will not need to be an expert in all areas, but be capable of working to your strengths and identifying your weaknesses.


Endless Support

The initial investment provides you with everything you need to start and operate your business plus all the support and training you will need from fitting to marketing. Our monthly newsletters, quarterly catch up’s, annual gathering (at Head office in Winchester), annual workshops and training webinars will keep you ahead of the game and moving forward with your business plans.


Working from home flexibility

The ability to run your business from your home giving you the flexibility to manage work whilst still being available for your family.


Growing Trends

The shutters sector has continued to grow year on year, as consumers seek a more aspirational look. The key to this growth has been the wider availability of these products, including online Shutters are a growing competitor to conventional blinds and curtains as they are a longer-term, insulating and stylish window solution.


Growing Value*

The domestic window coverings market was estimated to be worth £1.52bn in 2019, which reflects strong and steady growth from 2015, with 13% overall growth 2015-19. Use of shutters within UK homes has grown in recent years and there is evidence to suggest that the market has still not peaked as they continue to become more affordable. *Source: AMA Research Ltd/Trade Estimates


Hugely Versatile

Besides the aesthetic appeal of shutters, they also provide a number of practical benefits, including privacy, adjustable shading and energy efficiency. They may also be used alongside other types of window coverings, such as curtains, which can ‘soften the look’.


Award-winning product training

Shuttercraft have consistently won awards for its product, customer service and training programmes, offering you the very best start with your business and ongoing high quality value that we take pride in maintaining.


Ongoing support from the logistics and customer service teams

With our own in-house logistics and technical support, you will always have an expert member of the head office team to ask questions and offer you guidance.


Notable Achievements

BFA leadership and culture finalists 2023/2022

Elite top 100 – placed 26th 2023

M&A Today Global awards Best Custom Window Shutter Provider 2024

International Elite Awards Plantation Shutter Provider of the Year 2023/2022

Global 100 Best Custom Window Shutter Provider – 2023

BBSA (British Blinds and shutters Association) award winning training 2022/2019




Our award-winning head office team will guide and support you on literally every step, all the way through your business journey. From business planning, recruitment and lead generation, to technical support, product updates and financial management.

There’s a culture of personal development – continually improving yourself and always pushing forwards. We’re a fun and driven bunch to work with, and we never stop striving!

The following sections are included within the training programme:


Company set up and business management



Product and technical training

Administration systems and procedures




Focus on building a small loyal team, drive exceptional customer service and lead with an authentic passion for the product. Get this right and you’ll earn a fantastic work/life balance as the director of your own successful local business.

From the start, you will be set up to know all aspects of the business inside out. It’s far easier to lead your team when you understand the detail of the tasks in their roles.

We’ve found those who are the most successful with their Shuttercraft franchise are:

Customer focused – You’ll love nothing more than providing an excellent service to your customers

Keen to be trained – You’ll want to know all the details about how your business works and operates, even if you plan to build a team to carry out the installs, straight-away

Problem solvers – You’ll take real pride in helping people find the right window solution for their homes

Determined to succeed – By combining the Shuttercraft franchise model with your determination to succeed, you can be confident of building a business with high margins and a strong cash-flow, in a growing market

Clued up – Managing a business isn’t easy, and our franchisees are aware of what to expect: hard work to get established, before earning the right to set your own work-life balance