What types of sport franchises are available?

Sports franchises - a healthy investment opportunity As a nation, the UK is pretty sport-obsessed. But then you’d expect nothing less from a country that invented football, rugby, cricket, tennis, badminton and table tennis. And not content with creating these games, we also published the rules and taught the rest of the world how to play.Today, the UK is home to the Premier League, Wimbledon, the Open and countless other major sporting events. And it’s not just watching it that [...]

Baby swimming aiding development for Turtle Tot Helen

All parents want the best for their child, but in the case of Toni Mcgoverny-Stewart from East Lothian, whose daughter Helena was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, a build-up of fluid on the brain, nothing could have been more imperative than aiding her development and ensuring a consistent routine.Toni explains: “Due to hydrocephalus, Helena has had some minimal brain damage causing a delay in her physical ability. At 16 months, she could not stand, walk or talk. Last year, as the [...]

Sports Franchise Opportunities Review

Lots of people are very passionate about sport and consider it a dream to be able to combine their sporting lives with their professional ones. With a sports franchise, this is very much a possibility.Sporting business has grown in an unprecedented way as people have found more ways to monetise this popular leisure activity. Whether the sports franchise offers products or services, there are plenty of opportunities to indulge your passion and make a living out if it.The sports [...]

Leisure Leagues sports franchise expansion

Run Your Own Community Football Business with a sports franchise Chance offered by the largest provider of community football in the UK People across the world are being offered the chance to run their own football business, as the largest 6 a side football provider in Europe are looking to expand their sports franchise schemeThe move comes as the Leisure Leagues Sports Franchise Scheme celebrates its fifth birthday. Go Active Lifestyle, who were the first and joined in the summer of [...]

Sports franchises for sale review – Franchise UK

Sports Franchises for sale - What's available? Sports are already considered to be part of our life, our everyday living. And since it is already part of our daily living, professional sports are as well considered to be part of the industry or the economy in particular. For numbers of countries, sports are not just mere games but they treat professional sports as big business being part of the economy. If you have no idea, there would really be a [...]

Sports franchises UK growth predicted

Sports Franchises UK - Predicted To Be Big In 2015 Numerous entrepreneurs wanting to take their careers into their own hands are becoming more and more intrigued by the opportunities that franchises present. A franchise allows you to invest your capital, become your own boss, create the work and life balance you deserve, and do it all with minimal risk compared to opening a small business from scratch. Sports franchises UK are set for growth so well worth considering if [...]

Parrot Pizza Sports Cafe Franchise Expands Into North Carolina

ranchising executives to launch 1st of multiple stores planned.Pizza today announced that it has signed on with national and international franchise executives Keven Thomas and Greg George to open their new prototype Parrot Pizza Sports Café model in Wilmington, North Carolina.Parrot Pizza will be rolling out their new sports café model that will be available to all new franchisees nationwide in the 4th quarter of 2006. Parrot Pizza a national pizza franchisor is a lunch and dinner quick service [...]

Poker Franchise Gambles On Merchandise Solutions

The World Poker Store, Inc., a leading provider of merchandise solutions to the gaming industry, announced today a 4 for 1 forward stock split with an effective date of June 26th, 2006 and a payment date of June 28th, 2006.The World Poker Store, Inc., operates retail locations in the state of Minnesota with franchise opportunities available nationwide in 2006. The Executive offices are located in St. Paul, Minnesota. The Company features premium poker merchandise including a large selection of [...]

Kicking Boxing Franchise Into Touch

The United States’ largest cardio boxing and kickboxing franchise organization reaches 42 sold units coast-to-coast. Southern California-based LA Boxing Franchise Corporation continues its high-speed growth wave taking the franchise company to 42 units in 13 states.LA Boxing Franchise Corporation announced that it has signed a franchise agreement for expansion into the St. Petersburg/Tampa market, choosing Brian and Erica Sreniawski as its partners. They announced that their first franchise location will be located in either St. Petersburg or Tampa. The [...]

Fiddes gets a kick out of Scotland

Fiddes, a former bodyguard to Michael Jackson, says he is planning a £2.5m roll-out north of the Border, which will see more than 100 schools open by 2008. There are already more than 280 schools in the south of England, with an average of three opening each week.The business runs on a franchise model offering each local operator the opportunity to become a full-time martial arts instructor and school owner with the support of Fiddes, himself a martial arts [...]