The Swimstylers and Little Swimstylers

The Swimstylers were launched in 2018 and were originally 5 child characters which help to structure the five-staged programme, making the programme encouraging and engaging.  The hope is that children aspire to be like the characters and improve with style, confidence and technique as they progress through the character badge-based system..  Each character has been created to inspire and motive all young swimmers and also bring to life Angela’s unique method of teaching, tried and tested through two generations of her family, which involves teaching professional strokes from day one.


The aim of the Swimstylers programme is to teach children to swim with the correct technique whilst teaching them valuable life skills to help them improve their physical and emotional well-being.

In 2019 we launched Coral our Little Swimstyler helping our pre-school children understand the importance of wearing their armbands and learning the basics of blowing bubbles and body position with their adult in the water with them.  This level builds their confidence to prepare them to join the Caspian level around age 5.

The characters feature on our new on-line booking and tracking system. 

You can learn more about starting a swim school with Angela’s Swim School here.