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Fitness franchises aimed at keeping children fit and healthy

If you are one of the many people thinking about purchasing fitness franchises, you might also like to think about helping to tackle the child obesity problem here in the UK. You can kill two birds with one stone. Not only can you set up your own profitable business but you can also make a contribution towards looking after the health of our children too.

Severe obesity has reached an all-time high among children here in the UK in their final year at primary school according to a recent government report. The report concluded that 20.2% of the ten and eleven-year-olds who were measured, were found to be obese. Furthermore, 4.4% were found to be severely obese – a figure that represents approximately 26,000 children.

SportsCool is one of the coolest fitness franchises around

If you would like to combine running your own profitable business with making a difference to the fitness of our children, a SportsCool franchise is one of the best fitness franchises available here in the UK.

As well as offering top-class training, a SportsCool franchise also provides you with what is probably the best level of support in the UK franchise industry today. It is a quality of support that could see you well on your way to achieving a six-figure income in the next three years.

10 years in the making

One of the big benefits of buying a franchise is purchasing a business that is not only ready-made but ready to go. The SportsCool franchise has been ten years in the making. During that time, it has been honed into a highly successful business model that empowers one of the best fitness franchises ever.

One of the most affordable fitness franchises

Not only is SportsCool one of the best franchises, but it is also one of the least expensive franchises in its genre. It aims to provide specialist physical education to children in the UK’s primary schools. With the wherewithal to establish programs at five schools, you could have a guaranteed income in the first 12 months.

It’s not often you get the opportunity to contribute to child health welfare and run a profitable business. However, that is precisely what a SportsCool franchise offers you the chance to do.

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