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Recruitment Franchises

Recruitment is worth over £30bn to the UK economy, recruitment franchises for sale have been around for some time and operate in several areas. The recruitment industry is a face-paced business and has over 100,000 people in recruitment consultancy roles in the UK.

Some areas recruitment franchises operate include general employment agency franchises, headhunting, recruitment agency franchises, care recruitment franchises. Some franchises even recruit vehicle and lorry drivers, usually on a temporary and/or contract basis.

Research is showing that fewer permanent staff are being recruited internally & more through recruitment agencies. Given the time spent to recruit and the high demand, some businesses have to recruit. This trend is set to continue.

Recruitment industry statistics:

Below we will now list a few statistics collected in the UK. The plan is these statistics can show you the true market size of the recruitment industry. All statistics below have been collected from credible sources. We hope these statistics can help anyone considering investing in a franchise in the vast and diverse recruitment industry.

  • 86% of the UK recruitment industry turnover is comprised of contract placements. The average value of a contract placement is up 20% on 2016/17 to £34,976.
  • A record 32.69 million people are employed, that's 282,000 more than in 2018.
  • 15% of the UK's working population are self-employed, totaling 4.88 million people.
  • 849,000 jobs were unfilled in September-November 2018.
  • The average value of permanent placements from the wider recruitment industry was £4,238 (up by 6.4% on the average in 2016/17).
  • 43% of the contract market is highly skilled professionals, meaning higher margins are available for recruiters.
  • From July to Sept 2019, there was an estimated 813,000 job vacancies in the UK.
  • 137,000 job vacancies were in the human health and social work activities sector; this accounted for 16.9% of all vacancies in the UK.

What types of recruitment franchises are available?

The good thing about investing in recruitment franchise businesses is that there are many different options in the recruitment franchising industry. Another perk of investing in a recruitment franchise business for sale is choosing a way of working that would fit your needs best. For example, you can choose between low-cost recruitment franchises and home-based recruitment franchises. It's all a matter of which one you think would suit you best and what you are looking for.

How to choose the right recruitment franchise for you

Operating as a successful recruiter assisting candidates and clients to find the ideal match is a rewarding career. However, it’s understandable that you might want to apply your abilities and experience to a more personal endeavour.

While this is a normal progression, it can also be intimidating. However, after working so hard, you’ll want to start on the right foot from the get-go and realise your dream. If this sounds familiar and your plans involve launching a recruitment firm, then recruitment franchises are well worth considering.

Finding a recruitment franchise for sale isn’t difficult. After buying a recruitment franchise, you’ll have a turn-key business that equips you with the support, guidance and knowledge required to succeed, in exchange for either a percentage of earnings or a minimum fee paid monthly. Investing in a recruitment franchise offers many benefits like flexibility and tools and often a network of like-minded business professionals to help you achieve your ambitions.

As a result, recruitment agency franchise opportunities are win-win partnerships, but you must select a solution that is suitable to you. While finding the right recruitment franchise will vary depending on personal motivation, below, you’ll find some key points worth considering before starting a recruitment franchise.

Research is essential

Finding profitable recruitment franchises that offer outstanding quality takes homework. First, read the franchise firm's references online and contact peers and associates. Collecting as much data as possible will ensure you make a full evaluation and an informed decision.

Assessing service quality offers insight into the performance and background of a recruitment franchise. As a result, the level of service it delivers is a key factor in whether it is a suitable solution for your needs. Your first step in a solo career must be solid and stable so expect more and never settle for average services.

Remember that the whole point of opting for a recruitment franchise is to access an established business. Make sure it has solid procedures and processes in place in line with your expectations, along with the experience and capacity to match your career goals.

The idea here is that you want to go with an established business, with solid processes and procedures and the capacity and experience to support you to achieve your goals.

Does the franchise business mission and culture match your own?

Performance indicators, proven business models, and long-term strategies are all obvious areas to study when selecting a recruitment franchise to invest in, but looking past the numbers is also key.

For any franchise opportunity to succeed, it is crucial to buy into a business with ethics and values aligned with your own. Often, this can depend on a company’s culture.

A clear and easy way to identify a franchise’s culture is during a discovery day or face-to-face meeting. At such opportunities, you can ask the franchise business to describe its journey so far and offer you an informative overview of the kind of people they are looking to work with.

Asking the correct questions

When you establish contact, take some time to ask more questions than simply what the franchises current business model is. During interactions, assess whether you seem to be on the same page and share common ground to see if you are a good fit for partnering up. For example, it is best to know from the start if both you and the franchise business are both looking for a long-term endeavour.

Consider how much support you’re looking for and make sure the franchise can deliver what you need. Today first meetings equally concern you recruiting them as it is about them recruiting you. Use your experience and intuition gained from your years in recruitment and ask the questions you require answers for.

Pertinent questions might include what sets them apart from other franchises for sale and what can their franchise offer you? How can they help you grow professionally, and how much support will you receive? For example, what is included within the franchise package, and will there be continuing support. It’s also worth asking about the current team, what support will they offer and will they work with you.

Ultimately the questions you pose will get to the root of what you are personally looking for from the partnership, so take some time to prepare before that all-important first encounter.

Find your ideal recruitment franchise now.

Recruitment franchise businesses allow you to access all the advantages of running a company without the risks and stress of starting from scratch. If you’re looking for recruitment franchises to buy to make the most of this career opportunity, browsing a list of recruitment franchises for sale on our website is a perfect place to start. Browse our recruitment franchise directory now and track down the top recruitment franchises to suit your needs.

We have a wide choice of recruitment franchise business opportunities listed. So browse and find your ideal recruitment franchise opportunity, and join the £30bn recruitment industry.