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COVID-Ready franchises

Whether you have lost your job recently, or you fancy being your own boss at last, you could well be looking for franchising opportunities with a strong chance of success. The global pandemic has created a challenging economic landscape, with even top brands and major companies battling to stay in business. So, how can you find a COVID-proof franchise, in a 

potential growth sector? There are certainly strong contenders. Even during the most arduous coronavirus lockdown restrictions, some enterprises have prospered. It’s important to add this is not necessarily businesses that have cashed in on the situation! It’s companies that operate franchises providing essential services and products.

So, what sort of franchises are "COVID-ready"?

COVID-Ready Van based franchises

The most obvious answer is home delivery services and courier companies. We have been forced to buy far more goods online during the COVID crisis, from basics food when isolating, to the sort of items we couldn’t purchase in person as non-essential shops were closed.

There’s a good chance this trend won’t be completely reversed post-pandemic. The public has grown to enjoy the convenience of shopping online for groceries and all sorts of other household items. Making van-based franchises that deliver goods a resilient enterprise! However, you could widen that out to other types of mobile franchises, such as home and vehicle repair businesses. The pandemic didn’t stop us from needing tradespeople and car mechanics, for example. If you represent a trusted brand, that operates within strict COVID-safety criteria, then your van pulling up outside could receive a warm welcome!

Franchising that specialises in cleaning services

As the British public and businesses are likely to be extremely hygiene conscious for some time, another example of a COVID-proof franchise is one offering cleaning services. This could be a specialist venture, such as Health & Safety compliant cleanups in healthcare buildings, care homes or food preparation companies. Or, it could be an enterprise offering commercial cleaning services for local companies, which now fully appreciate the need for high standards of infection control. With more people working from home - during and after the pandemic – you could well be much in demand if you offer domestic cleaning services to keep homes pleasant 24/7.

Care sector franchises

Another resilient franchise category, that increased in value during the coronavirus crisis, is care sector services. The pandemic put considerable strain on the care industry in the UK. Residents of homes and elderly people living independently were isolated from their nearest and dearest; the visitors who provided essential care. This increased demand for domiciliary care franchises and also agencies that recruit or train care home staff.

Education franchises

This is another COVID-proof franchise opportunity that could still be much in demand post-pandemic. Homeschooling meant parents often relied on online tutors and other education services to keep their children on track. Even now schools are back open, there’s a lot of concern about how far behind youngsters are. This strongly suggests parents will be seeking help from education franchise operations for some time to come!

Food service franchises

This is certainly a COVID-ready business idea! The British love their food, especially when they don’t have to cook it themselves. Restaurants had to shut their doors for long periods, but that just meant more orders for local takeaways. Plus, many business-minded restaurants rose to the challenge and started their own home delivery service, often using local van franchises to get food to their customers.

The value of the food franchises, food delivery and takeaway sector was an eyewatering £8.5 billion in 2019. Imagine how much that figure rose during the long periods we needed a food pick-me-up in 2020!

Clearly, if you want a ‘slice’ of a COVID-proof business, a takeaway franchise is a hot prospect!

Fitness franchises

From high demand for food delivery and takeaway services, we go to the nation’s increased devotion to getting fit. While gyms, pools and other leisure facilities were closed – and while school PE lessons were unavailable – the British burnt off energy and tackled boredom with online exercise classes. There was also an upsurge in orders for home gym equipment, and fitness accessories such as resistance bands, gym balls and push-up bars and boards.

If you find a fitness franchise, you will be in good shape for the future!

Also, as we are all more health-conscious as a result of COVID-19, it’s likely that fitness nutrition franchises will also do well, as will franchises supplying health supplements.

The best franchise deals

The list of COVID-proof franchises is actually extensive – and includes accountancy franchises to help manage the financial fall-out, pet services for pampered pooches and felines, and even gardening services to optimise our ‘staycations’. Choosing a start-up that’s likely to be successful post-pandemic is important. However, to enjoy all the benefits of franchising, you also need an option that suits your skills, experience and preferences. Plus, a franchise deal that gives you access to a proven business model and an excellent level of ongoing support.

Should you buy a COVID-Ready franchise?

When you’re ready to buy a franchise, finding one that’s covid-ready can help make the process easier than starting from scratch and making every decision by yourself. However, buying a covid-ready franchise doesn’t come without its own challenges—when you buy into an existing brand, you have to live up to the brand’s reputation and meet the expectations of existing customers in your area. Check out these benefits of covid-ready franchises and why one of these opportunities might be perfect for you.

What is a COVID-Ready franchise?

Many people want to buy covid-ready franchises, but what is it exactly? What is a covid-ready franchise business, and should you buy one? A covid-ready franchise is an established company that has already been proven by successful entrepreneurs. They are bought in complete form (including its assets and liabilities) and can be started up within weeks or months of purchase. If you’re still searching for your perfect business idea, buying a covid-ready franchise opportunity may be your best bet. It will ensure that you hit the ground running with minimal risk involved. Just make sure to consider whether it's right for you before making any decisions!

What can you do with a COVID-Ready franchise?

What makes covid-ready franchises so appealing to franchisees is that you can start your own covid-ready business under another company's brand name. You don’t have to worry about setting up systems or having any prior experience; everything has already been prepped for you by experts. If you know what it takes to run a small business, and you have some startup capital saved up, buying an existing covid-ready franchise for sale might be your best bet. To ensure that you get started off as best you can you can browse our list of the best covid-ready franchise opportunities in the UK.

How much are COVID-Ready franchises sold for?

If you're looking to buy a covid-ready franchise, be prepared to pay anywhere from £10,000 to £100,000. However, it's important to note that if your business requires major renovations or significant growth and expansion, you can expect to pay much more for these types of covid-ready franchise businesses. Also keep in mind that many franchisors require that all franchisees pay for their own startup costs.

What comes with a COVID-Ready franchise opportunity?

When you buy a covid-ready franchise, you not only get all of that support, but also company training, business tools and access to experts who can help you every step of your journey. You will also have access to an established community of other local business owners who are part of that franchise and will be willing to help you when necessary. If buying a covid-ready franchise is something that appeals to you, there are some important things to consider before you do so. First and foremost, it’s vital to check out all covid-ready and post-covid franchising options for your particular industry because there could be different considerations depending on which one is right for your goals as an entrepreneur.

Would a COVID-Ready franchise be right for you?

Before you jump into franchising, it’s important to ask yourself if you have what it takes to run your own covid-ready business. But before you can begin answering that question, you need to know what franchising is all about. Franchising is when an individual or company offers someone else (the franchisee) a trademark and business model in exchange for royalties or licensing fees. In other words, covid-ready franchises are ready made businesses that don’t require much of their owners beyond good management skills and knowledge of how to run a business well. To help evaluate whether covid-ready franchises are right for you, think about these three questions: How knowledgeable are you about running a small business? Are you detail oriented and do you enjoy working on administrative tasks?

Browse our list of COVID-Ready franchises

If a covid-ready franchise sounds like a good career for you check out our list of covid-ready and post-covid franchises for sale to see if you find anything that interests you. Once you’ve found a franchise that seems right for you at our covid-ready franchise directory you can make an enquiry to find out more information about that franchise for free. This will provide you with all the information you need to decide whether investing in that certain franchise business would be right for you. If you are unsure whether a covid-ready franchise would be right for you, browse our full list of recession-proof franchises at our full franchise directory providing an exciting list of business opportunities.

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