World Options Franchise

Franchise Description :

Run your own shipping franchise with World Options and take control of your career with a work life balance you'll love.

Finance:Yes, through a third party
Part Time:No
Contact Name:Franchise Recruitment Manager

United Kingdom


An online courier franchise that gives you access to provide SME businesses with domestic and international shipping service.

A World Options franchise gives you the opportunity to:

  • Create a business within a thriving shipping and ecommerce industry.
  • Earn a residual income, that grows as you acquire more businesses.
  • Work from home, online.
  • Create your own flexible working lifestyle.

As a World options franchisee, you build relationships with your small businesses customers and demonstrate the advantages of the industry-leading shipping platform, that offers them the best shipping rates, service and availability with one click.

Growing Industry

What’s included?

  • Central customer relationship management system providing you with your sale leads, prospects and customer activities.
  • Access to essential data such as margin reports, shipping volumes and invoice payments.
  • A digitally advanced software portal, for you to showcase and acquire customers on that integrates with ecommerce stores and marketplaces such as; shopify, woocommerce, bigcommerce, ebay, etsy and more, Provides instant international and domestic shipment services based on speed, service, availability and price, and Allows customers to track shipments in real-time.

All you need to drive your business successfully and document your franchise success is combined in one handy portal.

Shipping Portal

A World Options Franchise Offering

Non-Geo Business

Owning a World Options franchise means you can acquire customers all over the UK without having to worry about geographical restrictions.

Working from home

If you have a computer, a phone, a table and a chair, you are all set up to become a World Options franchise owner. No additional costs needed.

World Options offers ethical franchising by meeting the BFA’s criteria such as

  • A foundation for franchisees to run a successful business independently.
  • Demonstrating ethical principles.
  • All data, statistics and figures presented need to be legitimate.

A real, residual income

This means the hard work you put into initially acquiring customers, is rewarded with an ongoing stream of revenue from them with little input thereafter. As you acquire more customers, your gross profit grows alongside this.


The Marketplace

There are over 6 million businesses in the UK. 99% of them are SME’s.

  • Ecommerce sales grew 46.5% in 2020 and a further 20.5% in 2021 and are set to grow further*
  • The annual volume of packages shipped in the UK from March 2020 to March 2021 grew by around 50% and continues to**
  • Total exports of goods for the UK in October 2021 were £33.8 billion, up £5.5 billion (19%) year-on year***

Training and Support

Owning a franchise with World Options means a range of training options that help you drive your business.

1. 5 Day Training

The training is conceptualised with different background and experiences in mind and is available either in initial classroom training or as online video tutorials.

2. Sales Mentoring

Every franchisee has one-to-one sales mentoring available to them for their first 12 months.

3. Continuous Support

After these 12 months, you are not alone either. Our UK-based customer service team is always happy to help and provide the correct answer to any queries as quickly as possible.

Head Office Support

Next Steps

Join the World Options Family today and build the business you dreamed of. All on the foundation and the support of an established and experienced company.