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Vapor Clean

£15,195 Total Investment

Franchise Description :

Vapor Clean - Commercial, One Off, Domestic and Contract Cleaning Services Franchise

Finance:Available through third party
Part Time:No
Contact Name:Lee Keet - Franchise Recruitment Manager

United Kingdom

Phone Number:01934 440562
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Product Description

Vapor Clean Franchise
A Cleaning Company Like No Other!

Joining a franchise network enables you to take control of your life, work for yourself, build a future for you and your family, whilst gaining some real job satisfaction, doing what you want to do and feeling the buzz of success. Some franchises will let you do some of this but can under-deliver or be restrictive of growth meaning you’re still only earning a wage but not with the unique Vapor Clean Franchise, things are different.


Vapor Clean – An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Business with a difference!

What makes Vapor Clean better:

  • Unlimited earning potential
  • One off, repeat and contract customers
  • Unique, superior methods and equipment
  • Build a future with a multiple van franchise and multiple contract customers
  • Multiple services keep you busy all year round
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Job satisfaction from day one
  • A buzz like no other watching your company grow
  • Virtually recession proof


The Vapor Clean Opportunity

The Vapor Clean franchise enables you to offer both domestic and commercial specialist cleaning services, in a modern, eco friendly and unique way, allowing you to be a trusted resource within your exclusive territory.

Using the unique Vapor Clean cleaning methods allows Vapor Clean technicians to achieve the highest standards, in a faster more efficient way, meaning reduced time on site, more appointments and increased profit margins.

The easily recognised brand, structured customer service and revolutionary, modern techniques make Vapor Clean stand out from the crowd, and constantly outperform competitors. With Multiple Services meaning we don’t have a traditional quiet period, when one service has it’s quiet period another picks up.

Services can be one off, repeat or even contract based meaning an endless stream of business and steady growth from man in van, into a multiple van and technician franchise.

A large exclusive territory means you can have multiple contract customers with fixed site staff and multiple vans servicing multiple sites. With unlimited earnings potential so the harder you work the more you earn, YOUR business grows and so does your earnings, helping you to build a future for you and your Family.


No Experience Required

A Vapor Clean Franchise package is not a self-employed job, it is a ‘business in a box’. It gives you a career, a way forward that repays your hard work. You don’t want to earn a wage, you want to earn profit, Build a Retirement Plan and maybe Something for your Family to Take Over.

Vapor Clean’s Intensive training and business model teaches you how to offer all the types of services and manage a successful business meaning you should never be without work and can grow your business as you see fit.

The Vapor Clean brand is a highly recognisable well respected brand, already working for some of the biggest recognised names in the UK. This allows you to work from referrals and recommendations, meaning each and every investment goes that bit further.

Plus as the Vapor Clean founders and management team are family based we want to keep our family values and traditional work ethics at the forefront of what we do.

We are not selling Franchises, we are recruiting franchisees, or business partners, each and every franchisee is provided constant support, from a telephone helpline, to constant email response ensuring you can always call on decades of industry experience, meaning the customer always has a professional technician completing their work.


The Vapor Clean Franchise investment

A Vapor Clean franchise has a projected Turnover of £70,000 Year One with an average turnover of £1,000 per van per week going forward, with multiple contract customers obtained ranging from a few hundred per month to tens of thousands.van-side

The Total Initial Investment is just £15,195 + VAT, which is made up of £9,995 franchise fee, then £5,195 + vat of equipment purchase, however this can be purchased on a finance or loan option to spread the cost. You’ll also need a van, but again this can be purchased on a finance or lease option.

Income is generated incurring minimal business overheads, giving a fantastic profit margin and remember, with a Vapor Clean franchise package there is no ceiling on earnings potential. Start van & home based, with computer software helping you run and manage your business from anywhere!

Vapor Clean’s training and revenue streams provide natural growth year on year with a number of ways to grow and ensure potential of the business in your territory is maximised.


To find out more about the Vapor Clean Franchise and make your own Eco-Friendly Cleaning Business a success, please call 01934 440562 or fill out the enquiry form below.

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