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What are the best Carpet Cleaning franchises and what is the cost of carpet cleaning franchise opportunities?

According to the Office of National Statistics the overall UK cleaning sector is worth over £5 billion per year. Some of this market relates to carpet cleaning and as due to cost and convenience cleaning carpets is always usually preferable to replacement it's a market that should continue to see steady growth.

The great thing with domestic services franchises which includes carpet cleaning franchise opportunities is that it's not a one off sale. The customer will have their carpets cleaned and then at some point in the future will need them to be cleaned again, lot's of repeat business for the franchise owner.

Also a carpet cleaning franchise business can grow when people move as effectively you can keep the existing address and pick up the business from the person moving plus as with any domestic services if you get someone that does a good job they will always get a lot of referral business.

Because of the above domestic services franchises including carpet cleaning franchises if run correctly are very stable long term, with repeat business and therefore can be very lucrative.

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