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Cruise Franchises

I want to go cruising! With the increase of cruising obsessed brits the cruising industry in the UK has seen a larger growth in the previous years than ever before. These factors suggest now may be the time to get a slice of the trending travel & leisure industries pie by investing a cruising franchise opportunity.

The growth of the cruising industry?

We will now list some facts and statistics around the cruising industry to show how much of a vital part it is to the UK's overall travel & leisure sector. These statistics should enlighten you a little bit and give you a feel for the industry and where it is predicted to be within the next few years.

Did you know?

  • The UK and Ireland together in 2018 hit a milestone of 2 million cruise passengers.
  • The cruise industry in the UK back in 2018 saw a growth of 2%
  • The cruise industry according to GoCruise is worth a staggering £1 billion to the UK economy.
  • The UK cruising industry has provided a whopping 76,000 jobs.

What does this show for the future of the cruise industry in the UK?

Overall these statistics have shown a very good sign of growth across the UK cruise industry. They also show a huge demand for cruise services in the UK and Ireland since back in 2018 they did hit a milestone of 2 million passengers in one year. So this shows these days cruises are a very popular choice of holiday planning. Lastly these statistics do look very positive for the industry and hopefully these stats have helped anyone looking in to investing in a franchise within the cruise industry.

Other travel & leisure franchises available?

If reading through this you still have not made your mind up or are having doubts around the cruise industry but want to pursue a career in the travel & leisure industry. I highly recommend you have a look through our whole travel & leisure franchises category offering a vast and diverse range of different travel opportunities across the UK that are currently up for grabs.