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Tool Franchises

There is no doubt that the retail in the UK is constantly expanding. But one industry in particular seems to have seen a massive growth within the last decade which is the tool industry within the entire retail sector in the UK. So if you are considering buying a tool franchise in the UK. But are not sure of the demand or recent growth. I highly recommend you to read this short article which should hopefully help and inspire you to become aboard on this exciting opportunity.

What types of tool franchises are available?

When you think of tools do not just think of the classic hammer or screw driver. Because there are many different tool related franchises for sale that are currently up for grabs in the UK. Which we will list below to show in the tool industry in the UK there is something for everyone.

Cooking Tools : There has been a consistent demand for basic cooking tools whether its a spatula to a basic kitchen knife and fork. This industry is also showing massive signs of growth regularly in the UK.

Gardening Tools : The gardening industry is constantly growing in the UK and certainly within the last few years gardening demand for necessities such as gardening tools have gone up since us Brits do take pride in our gardens.

Household Tools : Every home needs basic tools such as hammers or screw drivers whether they need them to assemble something they have purchased or for some other reason the demand is very high.

Statistics around the tool industry in the UK.

Now you have a feel for all the different franchises there are available in the UK for tools. We will now list a few statistics scattered around these different industries. To show demand and also the growth these industries have seen within the previous years. These statistics should give you a good idea of the customer base you will have access to upon purchasing a tools franchise opportunity.

  • The sales of gardening tools increase from 3.13 billion British pounds in 2008 to 5.2 billion in 2017.
  • Back in 2018 in the UK people spent up to £6.2 billion on basic household tools and equipment.
  • Mintel have predicted that £976 million would be spent on kitchenware in 2016.
  • In 2015 it was declared that 1 in 10 people in the UK owned a smoother maker or juicer. Which was more than double the sales back in 2013.
  • Did you know a staggering 91% of households in Britain own a toaster.

Conclusion around the tools industry in the UK.

From the statistics listed above you can see that the UK has seen a massive growth in previous years and a continuous growth for years to come within the tools industry within the vast retail sector in the whole of the UK. Hopefully these statistics have inspired anyone looking to buy a tools franchise in the UK and also we hope this short article has given you a idea around the kind of customer base and demand you will experience upon investing in to one of the opportunities. Also if you think that a tools franchise would not be right for you. But you are looking to get involved with the ever expanding retail sector I recommend you have a look through our retail franchises category to find opportunities across multiple different industries within the retail sector.