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Franchise Description :

Laser On Tour is the only mobile laser hair removal franchise in the UK and offers an advanced laser hair removal treatment using the latest technology in the comfort of your own home. We train you and supply the equipment, marketing, uniform, software, maintenance and support so that you can earn over £100k per annum with no staff or overheads.

Finance:Yes, through the company
Part Time:No

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Laser On Tour Franchise 




Who We Are

Our Vision: We deliver empowerment, self-love & confidence with every treatment.

Our Mission: To exceed our clients expectations with outstanding results and set up successful mobile laser hair removal franchises everywhere, delivering empowerment, self love and confidence.

Our Goal: is to exceed our client’s expectations with outstanding results

Laser hair removal is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world and, if you think about it, it makes sense as everyone has unwanted hair. It is virtually pain-free, proven, safe, and delivers permanent silky smooth hairless skin.

Laser On Tour is the only mobile laser hair removal business in the UK and offers an advanced laser hair removal treatment, using the latest technology in the comfort of your own home. We are the first truly mobile laser hair removal service, pioneering safe laser treatments at home with professionally trained practitioners across the UK.

We have partnered with a European company (Technology from Spain and Germany) who have produced a portable high-powered device. They have over 30 years’ experience in both the research and manufacturing of advanced medical laser equipment and have sold over 10,000 laser devices worldwide.

Our high powered portable laser hair removal machines utilise the latest DIODE ICE technology to produce 3 different wavelengths Nd:YAG 1064 nm, Diode 810 nm and Alexandrite 755 nm. This means we can treat all skin types safely and efficiently.

The Franchise Opportunity

As we continue to expand, we are now seeking new franchisees across the UK to join our network.


Due to the intimate nature of laser hair removal and that our clients are 90% female and treated in their homes, this is a women only franchise opportunity.

Our mission is to create financial freedom for our practitioners by helping them set up successful mobile laser hair removal clinics.

Our system allows mobile practitioners to offer laser hair removal with professional training, support, access to insurance, legal documentation, and marketing.

Our proven solution is delivering amazing results for clients in their own homes and is changing the lives of mobile aesthetic professionals across the UK by increasing their incomes to over £100,000 per annum*.

With no overheads, no staff and without the cost of owning a salon, this is an unmissable low-cost franchise opportunity for budding entrepreneurs.

*With a Laser On Tour franchise, you only need two clients per week to exceed £100,000 income.


The Investment

We invest 75% of the £50,000 capital required to help you start your Laser on Tour business.

£12,500 franchise fee

£500 per month service

1.35p per laser shot

50,000 shots min pm £675

£50 marketing per paid client

10 clients per month £500

As a franchisee, you will receive about 75% of your income through a profit share Laser shot system.

To help you on the path to success, our HQ will provide you with all the training and support you need to get started. You will have a business & sales coach, social media manager, and a trainer on hand to assist with your business needs.

We will organise the launch of your area from start to finish with an initial advertising campaign.

Low Cost Franchises

So what is a low cost franchise? Well I suppose everyone will have a different definition of what they think a low cost opportunity is but for these purposes we will use an investment level of £15,000 or less as the guide price for a low cost franchise.

So does low cost therefore mean low earnings or profit? No, some low or even no upfront investment franchise or business opportunities can represent very high earnings potential. So why would a franchise business sell it a low cost even if the earnings potential was high? Well the initial franchise is generally determined by the cost to set-up which includes training, equipment, product and premises not the actual earnings potential. Sure sometimes with a recognized brand just the area alone will have a impact on the price as the largest the franchise area or territory, the more business will be obtained. That said that’s generally not the case for less known brands or new brands and if a franchise requires a lot of franchisees to provide national coverage and set-up costs are quite low then many will have an initial fee of under £15,000 to try to recruit as many franchisees as quickly as possible to grow their brand and provide a better service to their customers.

Some of the low cost franchises for sale under £15,000 include product distribution, pet related, children fitness and swimming, travel agency and even financial and business advice franchises so there is a huge choice of opportunity even if you are seeking a lower initial investment. The main thing to consider if the “overall” investment, just because a franchise has a low initial fee doesnt mean you won’t need to invest additional funds so when choosing a low cost franchise opportunity make sure you find out about all costs involved before you invest and as always seek professional advice.

Just because a franchise investment is low cost doesnt mean you should not carry out thorough research before you make any commitment. Regardless of initial investment check out the business and seek professional advice.

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Health & Beauty Franchises

According to The National Association of Hairdresser the hair and beauty businesses alone contribute a staggering £7bn to the UK economy.  With over 40,000 businesses in this industry sector in the UK, many Hair Salons employ less than 10 people. In addition to hairdressing there have been huge growth in the demand for other health and beauty services, products & treatments including weight loss, nail salons, eyebrows, tanning salons, massage and cosmetic surgery.

This trend for health & beauty products looks set to continue to grow in the UK and represents an existing large business sector where many existing businesses are now franchising to capitalize on this growth and grow their businesses by offering various different franchise opportunities, distribution licences and business opportunities.

Some of these opportunities require a shop front, for example a hairdressers, nail bar salon but many also are home based and go to their clients home to provide the services which would appeal to anyone who would like to work from home and/or balance their family and home life with running a business.

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