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Fashion Franchises

Why buy a retail franchise?

Retail has always been a huge market to the UK, And not just for the retail business owners the retail market also offers a huge variety of jobs to the UK economy each year to help anyone thrive in the UK.

The numbers don't lie.

If you are looking into buying a fashion related franchise business, But are unsure of the profit I will quickly list some facts not just around the retail franchise industry I will list some facts around the whole sector.

Did you know?

  • The total of retail outlets in the UK increased in 2019 to 306,655 total retail outlets in the UK.
  • The whole retail sector in the UK alone in 2019 was worth a stunning £394 Billion British pounds.
  • The annual growth of retail sales in 2019 increased by 10% which shows a steady growth around the UK.
  • Online retail sales in the UK have risen by an astonishing 324% in the last decade.

What do these facts show?

This overall shows how big retail is in the UK, And not just how big the retail industry is it also shows which kind of retail business may be the best. Since online retail sales have risen in the UK by 324% in the last decade which shows maybe a online related retail franchise may be a good idea. But of course it is all up to you, Because some people may prefer running a store. It all depends on what you want as the franchisee and which route would be most convenient for your needs as a franchise owner.

Facts around the fashion industry in the UK.

Now you have seen the facts of the whole retail sector in the UK. I will now share some facts that are broken down to just the fashion industry in the UK in the recent years.

Did you know?

  • The fashion industry from 2018 to 2019 employed 55,000 people in the UK alone.
  • Did you know in 2017 in the UK alone there was just under 12,000 specialized clothing shops.
  • The annual expenditure in the UK on clothing in 2018 was worth 58.4 million British pounds.
  • There are 500,000 total people over the UK employed in fashion related companies.

What does this show for the fashion industry?

Hopefully these numbers above has reassured anyone looking to buy a fashion related franchise in the UK. Because overall for the fashion industry in the UK the numbers are good, Since from these statistics we can gather the fashion industry has a huge customer base and a good employment rate.

Good luck with your business adventures.

Now I will like to take a second to say good luck to anyone looking to buy a fashion related franchise. Because franchises can be a life-changing decision if run correctly and sensibly maintained. Also if buying a fashion franchise is not of interest to you or if you are having second thoughts, I would highly recommend you have a look through Franchise UK. Because we have been in the franchise scene since 2004 and have over 1,000 franchise opportunities for sale all over the UK and covering many different industries.