Xcelerate Gyms Franchise

Finance:Yes, through a third party
Part Time:Yes




XCELERATE GYMS is fully focused on helping every member and business owner achieve their X! 

When XCELERATE GYMS entered the fitness market in 2020, their intention was to positively disrupt the status quo of the traditional gym franchises that had dominated the market for years, but offered no real differentiation.

XCELERATE’S mission was to create facilities, products, programming and a brand that was designed for every member of the family, creating a fresh, new position in the market and standing out from anything that had been before.

Made Different, Made Better, Made for Everyone is the brand’s strap-line, and it couldn’t more accurately sum up the path that CEO and Founder Mark Chambers, his management team, and their growing family of franchisees have been on ever since.

What makes XCELERATE Different? Better? For Everyone? It’s simple, we are an affordable FAMILY FOCUSED FACILITIES! Somewhere where all members of the family can bond together!

Come find out how our families can grow together.