Low Cost

How to invest in a low cost franchise opportunity

How to invest in low-cost franchises Franchising in the UK is now at a record high. In the last four years the number of franchises in the country has increased by 10% and the industry now contributes an impressive £15 billion to the country’s economy every year. More and more people are choosing to invest in a franchise and increasing numbers of customers are spending their cash with franchised brands.Franchising offers investors a number of benefits over starting their own [...]

Low Cost Franchise Opportunity Review

Being the boss doesn’t have to be beyond anyone’s reach. There are many different kinds of low-cost franchise that let people start their own business and take control of their own career.While some franchises, such as major name fast food restaurants, could set you back hundreds of thousands of pounds, it’s also possible to get franchises for just a few thousand pounds. These might not bring in the same kind of turnover, but they are proven business models and, [...]

Work where you want, when you want, with the income you want

Working for yourself, doing something you enjoy and being in control of your work-life balance is not an uncommon dream that many people have at least thought about.We’d all like to be able to switch our phones off and not take work home with us, or have a job that doesn’t require hours being chained to a desk or commuting each day, but this is often an unrealistic aspiration.Are there really businesses out there that give you enough income [...]

home based franchise

Family friendly home based franchises

Be at home in time for dinner with flexible family friendly home based franchises According to recent research it was revealed that only one in ten families in the South East dine together only once or twice each month which is why home based franchises are becoming increasingly popular.There are of course, many reasons for this shocking statistic. Parents working later in the office often miss out on sharing family meals. When time is limited, a rummage through the freezer in [...]

Pet related franchise

Pet franchises – A pet care franchise review

If you are seeking a franchise opportunity and love pets, a pet franchise is hard to beat. UK pet owners enjoy pampering their pets and are prepared to spend to keep them happy and healthy. From dog grooming to pet sitting, there is a great choice of Pet franchises available in the UK.There are many advantages in running your own Pet franchise, some are low cost, home based and can be operated on part-time basis. A pet care franchise could [...]

Low cost franchises – What is available?

Low Cost Franchises, what is available? A wide variation of selected business opportunities are available today in UK referred to as low cost franchises. It offers additional security to businesses that just start launching their own brand provided with a proven model of their business.Low cost franchises offer the same elements of stability with the help of a franchise. But at some point, it often require an initial financial investment which is lower from $100. There is also a license [...]

Top Talent Franchise Pops Ups

International Presentation of Performers heads to New York to Star Search for the Brightest Modelling, Acting, Singing, and Dancing Talent in America.iPOP! International Presentation of Performers, is pleased to announce iPOP! NY which will take place during a four day convention from July 3-6th, 2006 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square in New York City.More than 1,200 child and teenage models, actors, singers and dancers are confirmed to attend with an additional 800 parenting chaperones in tow. [...]

Site Analysis For Insurance Franchise

Brooke Franchise Corporation, a subsidiary of Brooke Corporation, announced that it has enhanced the location selection process for its independent insurance agents through the use of site analysis software from Claritas Inc., a marketing information resources company.According to Brooke Franchise Corporation president, Shawn Lowry, Brooke chose Claritas based on the extensive background and expertise it brings in the fields of market, site and customer analytics. By combining Claritas' demographic and other demand databases with Brooke's proprietary information, the Claritas [...]